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The Destructive Pursuit Of Trump

Is force the only option remaining to stop them from their destruction of our constitutional form of government?

The Destructive Pursuit Of Trump

The Destructive Pursuit Of Trump

by Pete Ketcham

It has become blatantly evident that the Democrats are not about to let up in their destructive pursuit of Trump if he wins the 2020 presidential election. In essence, we are in for four more years of this vicious war against Trump, conservatism, and Christianity.

The Democrats have now embraced any means, whether legal, illegal, ethical, or unethical to achieve their goal of removing their “enemy” from power, and replacing him/her with themselves. There is no devious action they will not take to accomplice their agenda, because they have convinced themselves they are justified in their actions.

Thus, when a group of individuals have become totally convinced they are justified to take any action available to accomplice their “worthy agenda”, they become unapproachable to any ideas, discussion, or alternatives that run counter to their agenda.

A classic example from recent history is Hitler and the Nazi party who felt they were justified to imprison and slaughter millions of their fellow citizens, because they had convinced themselves the Jews were parasites and unworthy to live. This Nazi mindset of eliminating ones they deemed unworthy to participate in the social and political arena, is the same mindset the Democrats have adopted concerning Republicans, conservatives, and Christians.

There is only one counter measure to this embedded justification for evil, and that is force. It would have been completely naive for anyone to approach Hitler and his fellow Nazis, and think they could convince them they were on the wrong track, as history has shown, hard crushing force was the only solution for this Nazi evil.

Today we face
the same dilemma in trying to reason with the radical left Democrats, they are hellbent on their agenda of destruction of anyone who disagrees with their illogical and immoral agenda. Force is the only option remaining to stop them from their expanding program of destruction of our constitutional form of government.

What this force would consist of, or the extent it would have to be applied is unknown at this time, but to believe that it is possible to work with the Democrats in a cooperative and consensual manner is completely naive, they have made it abundantly clear, “it is their way or the highway”.

And so it is, the Democrats have locked themselves into a course of action that they firmly believe justifies any maneuver or action, legal or illegal, that accomplishes their political goal, and no one is going to change their mindset by persuasion or argument.


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1 Comment on The Destructive Pursuit Of Trump

  1. President Trump has recognized this and in preparation for the chaos ahead has issued orders making it possible to mobilize the Marine Corps Reserve, within the United States, in support of the civilian authorities.
    This can only mean that he does not believe that the National Guard is trustworthy or capable to perform their duty as the “militia” to suppress insurrection and rebellion.
    We await only the spark, which may come at any moment. Perhaps even this Friday with the release of the IG report on the FISA abuse, and more.
    Pray for the safety of our President. Fight for our Republic if it comes to that.

    Semper Fidelis

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