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Pete Ketcham

The Homeless Population

August 30, 2023 2

The Homeless Population (Will Continue To Grow) By Pete Ketcham All the “creative” efforts and programs various Democrat controlled cities have enacted to decrease their homeless population have failed due to primarily one issue….DRUGS. Although [Read More]

Bonner County

Ridiculous Rumbling Reprobates

August 27, 2023 0

Ridiculous Rumbling Reprobates I am counting the days until Aug. 29 for this un- called for RRR joke is over. The group of people running this campaign have given their marching orders to their faithful [Read More]

Affordable Idaho
Brent Regan

Common Sense Affordable Idaho

August 23, 2023 0

Common Sense Affordable Idaho By Brent Regan, Chairman KCRCC     Reclaim Idaho has a brilliant plan to deal with Idaho’s drug, crime, and homelessness problems while making housing more affordable for everyone. Remember that [Read More]


The Consequences Of Tolerance

August 23, 2023 2

The Consequences Of Tolerance By Pete Ketcham The present day corruption of our government, and the perverse degenerate morality of many of our citizens did not happen overnight, but is the result of many years [Read More]

Bonner County

Bonner GOP Responds to Commissioner Threats & TRO

August 23, 2023 4

Bonner GOP Responds to Commissioner Threats & TRO by Scott Herndon, Chairman, BCRCC Late last Friday I was informed that there is an allegation of a personal threat against Bonner County Commissioner Asia Williams by Bonner [Read More]

Facts Matter in WBCSD Recall
Bonner County

Facts Matter in WBCSD Recall

August 21, 2023 0

Facts Matter in WBCSD Recall For 40+ years I worked for different employers. To get paid I had to perform because in America, employers have a right to get what they pay for. The Recall [Read More]


Democrat Political Crime Syndicate

August 20, 2023 1

Democrat Political Crime Syndicate By Pete Ketcham In the past much has been written about the corruption of the Bidens and the Democrat party, but the reality is, the Democrats have moved past just being [Read More]

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