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black robe
Bob Shillingstad

The Black Robe Regiment

May 30, 2023 0

The Black Robe Regiment Are There Pastors Ready To Stand? By Bob Shillingstad “Great Awakenings” or revivals in history are a fascinating study and when you look at the history of America they are of [Read More]


Welcome To America, World

May 24, 2023 0

Welcome To America, World By Pete Ketcham Nowhere in recent world history has a nation willingly without cause opened up it’s border to an invasion. To do so defies all logic and reason, but the [Read More]

bcrcc assessor
Bonner County

BCRCC concerns regarding Bonner County Commissioners

May 16, 2023 1

BCRCC concerns regarding Bonner County Commissioner Steven Bradshaw and Commissioner Luke Omodt Sandpoint, Idaho – The members of the Bonner County Republican Central Committee (BCRCC) have serious concerns about the public conduct and performance of [Read More]

Video Articles

Spirit Valley Town Hall Videos

April 30, 2023 0

Spirit Valley Town Hall Videos Well attended and very informative, the Spirit Valley Town Hall was held in the Blanchard Community Center. Here is the full length video and SOME of the speakers in shorter [Read More]


Are The Conservatives Delusional?

April 30, 2023 5

Are The Conservatives Delusional? (In Their Hope For The Nation) By Pete Ketcham There are several definitions of the term delusional, but two are; “having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions”, and refusing to, or unable [Read More]


Can It Get Better?

March 23, 2023 0

Can It Get Better? By Pete Ketcham There is an old adage that says “things will get worse before they get better”, but Is that adage true concerning this nation? Is it possible that after [Read More]

sense Public Education Is The Greatest Trend Setter
Bob Shillingstad

Citizens for Common Sense Education

February 18, 2023 0

Citizens for Common Sense Education March 14th School Levy, A Common Sense Approach By Bob Shillingstad It is amazing to us that we are considering a $25 million dollar levy for the Coeur d’Alene School District [Read More]

Election Integrity

Oregon Election Integrity – Amended Complaint

February 13, 2023 0

Oregon Election Integrity – Amended Complaint By Terry Noonkester and Honorary Coauthor Marc Thielman The Thielman v Fagan class-action lawsuit was filed by the law office of Stephen Joncus to reform election laws, not for [Read More]

Bob Shillingstad

Origins of the Constitution

February 6, 2023 0

Origins of the Constitution Have We Lost The Source of Truth By Bob Shillingstad I have seen a number of articles and essays that tell us that our Constitution had its origins from Cicero, Plato and [Read More]

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