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Why You Should Vote for Scott Herndon

Here are some examples of the differences between Herndon and his opponent

Why You Should Vote for Scott Herndon

Scott Herndon cares about Idahoans.

The slide toward liberal politics in Idaho began years ago. Scott will continue to work to reverse some of the evil, or questionable, laws that have been passed. He has demonstrated that he will propose changes and new legislation in keeping with conservative views. Scott Herndon’s republican opponent in this race was also his predecessor. I will refer to him as his opponent here, but the way he voted while in office will testify to the differences between the two.

Here are some examples of the differences between Herndon and his opponent, based on their legislative records:

  • Herndon proposed legislation in 2023 to remove funding for LGBTQ Diversity Equity and Inclusion staff at state colleges and universities. His opponent voted to fund these positions in 2022.
  • Scott is against the teaching of critical race theory, while his opponent approved a $6M grant to a group that teaches CRT to children ages 5-7.
  • Herndon opposed bloated state budgets in 2023 and helped revamp the budget committee’s process. Scott’s opponent never said no to more spending from 2020-2023, when state spending grew by 43.3%.
  • Herndon voted for the medical freedom of Idahoans in 2023, while his opponent supported mandatory COVID vaccinations for certain workers.
  • Herndon protected the Idaho border when he voted to strengthen Idaho’s law against illegal immigrants having Idaho driver’s licenses. His opponent voted to begin the process of granting driver’s licenses to illegal, even criminal, immigrants.

Kathryn Barlow

Spirit Lake, ID



1 Comment on Why You Should Vote for Scott Herndon

  1. The chairman of the local Republican Party is merely
    window dressing to give one the impression that the
    local party is a Christian, conservative party when, most
    likely, the leftist Democrats control the local Republican
    Party. In my opinion, here are the leftist Democrats who
    are running as Republicans in the local Republican
    Primary, because only Republican candidates can win in the
    general election, Omodt District 3, Riley District 1, Sauter District
    1a, Dixon District 1b, Woodward District 1 state senate and none
    other than the guy who was slapped with a Protection
    Order, Bradshaw for Sheriff, unbelievable. Welcome to the

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