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Letters to the Editor

Truth About Two Controversial Questions

September 5, 2023 0

Truth About Two Controversial Questions 1. Why were two school trustees in WBCSD recalled for?: shielding our students from SEL (Social Emotional Learning) the sly gateway to CRT (Critical Race Theory, which is illegal in [Read More]

Affordable Idaho
Brent Regan

Common Sense Affordable Idaho

August 23, 2023 0

Common Sense Affordable Idaho By Brent Regan, Chairman KCRCC     Reclaim Idaho has a brilliant plan to deal with Idaho’s drug, crime, and homelessness problems while making housing more affordable for everyone. Remember that [Read More]


Who Controls The President?

July 3, 2023 1

Who Controls The President? By Pete Ketcham There has been considerable conservative criticism of president Biden for his illogical & illegal policies, his prepared teleprompter speeches, and bizarre comments. All of these policies and comments are [Read More]

Bonner County

We Will Not Be Silenced

June 29, 2023 0

We Will Not Be Silenced by Kathy Rose As we celebrate our independence from an oppressive government, remember We the People. In an act of tyranny, Commissioner Bradshaw has chosen to deny public comment. There [Read More]


Know Your Enemy

June 27, 2023 0

Know Your Enemy By Pete Ketcham It is evident in our nation today, that the God-fearing conservatives (Republicans) and the godless liberals (Democrats) are in an all-out war for the future existence of this constitutional [Read More]


IDFG & Wildlife Disease

June 23, 2023 0

IDFG & Wildlife Disease By Karen Schumacher Tremendous dichotomies exist with land management.  Money pours in for forest fire prevention while at the same time forests are allowed to become burdened with fuel loads that [Read More]

House Republicans Fold

House Republicans Fold

June 23, 2023 0

House Republicans Fold by Oregon Firearms Federation After lengthy delays due to technical issues that shut down state websites, the House Republicans folded up and provided the quorum the Democrats needed to pass House Bills 2002 [Read More]

Trump Trial

*UPDATED* Trump Trial in Miami (Video)

June 12, 2023 2

Trump Trial in Miami MEDIA CIRCUS *UPDATED* There was one sad little man protesting against President Trump. He tried to disrupt the motorcade and got himself arrested. He was certainly dressed for the occasion. Lazaro [Read More]


Coming Soon To Your City

June 10, 2023 1

Coming Soon To Your City by Karen Schumacher By now everyone is somewhat familiar with the dangers of smart cities and have heard about 15 minute cities.  These versions of how everyone should live centers [Read More]

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