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shut up
Brent Regan

Shut Up! By Brent Regan

April 19, 2024 3

Shut Up! By Brent Regan, Chairman KCRCC “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” George Orwell ‘Faith, family and freedom loving conservative Republicans need to shut up and go away.’ [Read More]

candidate Biden Election Took Place Under a Trump-declared “National Emergency”

Image Of A Presidential Candidate

March 13, 2024 1

Image Of A Presidential Candidate By Pete Ketcham As this 2024 presidential campaign ramps up two images (depending on what political party is rendering an opinion) of the candidates have emerged. One candidate (Trump) is [Read More]

Brent Regan

Caucus Saboteurs

March 7, 2024 3

Caucus Saboteurs By Brent Regan, Chairman KCRCC Last Saturday, thanks to efforts by the Idaho Republican Party, nearly 40,000 Idaho Republicans were able to cast their vote for their preferred Presidential Candidate. This could not have [Read More]

Brent Regan

Critics and Liars ‘He Had A Hat!’

February 29, 2024 2

Critics and Liars ‘He Had A Hat!’ By Brent Regan, Chairman KCRCC Hearing some of the complaints about the upcoming caucus I am reminded of the story of the young mother and son’s day at the [Read More]


Convention of States Action Shenanigans

February 23, 2024 0

Convention of States Action Shenanigans By Karen Schumacher The Convention of States Action (COSA) conducted some ground work prior to its coming into Idaho and promoting its calling for a Convention of States to the [Read More]

republican tent
Brent Regan

The New Republican Party

February 8, 2024 0

The New Republican Party By Brent Regan, Chairman KCRCC Kootenai County is the home of the most successful, respected and emulated Republican Central Committee in Idaho, the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee or KCRCC. The mission [Read More]

Bonner County

BCRCC Endorsements Applied Equally?

February 3, 2024 2

BCRCC Endorsements Applied Equally? By Kathy Rose There seems to be a lot of talk recently about influencing elections, from social media propaganda to the recorded conversation of Kari Lake with the Arizona GOP chairman. [Read More]

Brent Regan

Caucus or Primary

January 30, 2024 1

Caucus or Primary By Brent Regan, Chairman KCRCC Over the last few weeks several individuals have crawled out of the shadows to “explain” the upcoming Idaho Presidential Caucus. Unfortunately these “explanations” are not based on any [Read More]

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