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Image Of A Presidential Candidate

Biden during his first term accomplished the following: Destroyed everything Trump had accomplished.

candidate Biden Election Took Place Under a Trump-declared “National Emergency”

Image Of A Presidential Candidate

By Pete Ketcham

As this 2024 presidential campaign ramps up two images (depending on what political party is rendering an opinion) of the candidates have emerged. One candidate (Trump) is overweight, a braggart, and grossly insulting to anyone he dislikes. The other candidate (Biden) is a corrupt lying senile old man who does not know where he is, what day it is, and what is the truth.

It would seem from the above descriptions both candidates are lacking in qualities necessary for a good president, but one could correct his deficiencies by losing weight, stop bragging, and stop insulting people. The other candidate is beyond correcting his deficiencies, and will just get worse.

Moving on from the personal characteristics of the two 2024 presidential candidates, the legislative accomplishments are quite a different matter, and are as follows:

Trump during his first term accomplished the following;

  1. Control of the border.
  2. Energy independence and record fossil fuel production
  3. Built up the military and a strong American image that our enemies respected
  4. Built a strong economy, and kept inflation under control.

Biden during his first term accomplished the following:

  1. Destroyed everything Trump had accomplished.


Even though there are numerous issues, this presidential contest between Trump and Biden will be a contest about which candidate can convince the majority of voters they are telling them the true facts about the issues, and that the other candidate is lying about the issues.

The Biden administration with the assistance of the mainstream news media, the national education system, social media platforms, and the entertainment world have a very powerful propaganda organization that is able to project a favorable image of Biden to the voters.

The Trump campaign with it’s MAGA theme does not have the media resources to compete with Biden, and will have to rely more on the social media platforms, rallies, talk shows, and Fox News to get their message out.

Whichever candidate wins, you can rest assured the Democrats will have used every illegal dishonest voting procedure to try to win, and neither side will accept the results if they “Lose The Election”.



1 Comment on Image Of A Presidential Candidate

  1. As an adder, not particularly caring for any politician:
    Trump didn’t “Build the Wall and have Mexico Pay for it”
    He didn’t “Lock Her Up”
    He shut down the country
    He fast-tracked a proven deadly injection
    He didn’t “Drain the Swamp”
    He gave immunity to big pharma
    He is a fan of 15-minute cities
    Trump grew the national debt by 7 trillion dollars
    One of the myriad of problems with America today is the 24-hour news cycle. We are fed so much information that we don’t have the time to reflect on anything that has or hasn’t happened before being bombarded by the next round. Although we did have cheap energy under Trump’s last go it was far from fulfilling. Hedging your bets on his next round thinking he will be our messiah for the next go ’round is short-sighted and resting on the laurels of hopes and dreams.
    Also if anybody gets offended by some facts thinking I’m some dem apologist, I’m no fan of sleepy puppet Joe and his puppet master Barrack. F*CK JOE BIDEN!!!

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