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What Are We Willing To Sacrifice?

We live freedom as a testimony to others. And when we have done all to stand, stand.

What Are We Willing To Sacrifice?

What Are We Willing To Sacrifice?

by Pastor Matt Shea

My Dear and Fellow Patriots:

Many of you have been asking what to do next. That’s the wrong question. The question is what are we willing to sacrifice because that will drive what we do next. Evil is raging right now because God is already on the move. It is not, and has never been, the other way around. Fear is not a virtue. In fact, the very idea of being afraid of anyone or anything is hateful to real Americans…and Christians. The voices of those with high sounding titles that we should just accept the chains of bondage is the same millennia old siren song of our defeated foe satan. Instead let us listen to the call of courage, the voice of wisdom, and those who unashamedly speak the truth that it is better to live a poor but free patriot than a comfortable slave.

We may be told we are free yet we do not have the character of free men and women. Are we willing to give up the spirit to dare, the energy to act, or the right to travel, speak, or gather? Are we willing to give up our businesses and livelihoods while seated quietly at an almost empty restaurant wearing a muzzle? Are we willing to kneel before our oppressors while handing them the tools of our defense? Are we willing to allow our children and grandchildren to endure an even worse future? Are we willing to continue relying on those self-declared masters or their weaker counterparts who have failed us time and time again?

NO! A thousand times no!

Therefore, we Patriots must animate the sentiments of our fellow countrymen. We must look beyond the mere redress of existing wrongs to the creation of a future without tyranny and those wicked forces behind it of globalism, communism, and jihad. Even the best government may indeed address the grievances of an injured people. However, it is only a strong and righteous people alone who can restore and maintain a great nation. A strong people must be self-reliant, God fearing, and freedom loving ruled from within by eternal truths and law not the whims of lesser men. Our destiny as a country is not to be the vassal state of godless barbarians who by threat or by bribe through compromised or apathetic proxies seek to become our omniscient overlords. Our destiny will always be a city on a hill shining the light of hope and liberty to all.

It is time then, to clear the way of those who are either too incompetent or too selfish to actually defend liberty. The moment is now. They have relinquished their ability to rule because we no longer consent. In a Republic government must be of the people, by the people, and for the people. That is clearly no longer the case. We cannot trust the election process. We are ignored and derided as “deplorable.” Our God-given unalienable rights are no longer protected. They are mocked and our supposed protectors actively seek to subvert and destroy those same rights. Thus, the only rightful remedy is for Patriots to rise up and restore the proper order of things.

Our Savior is in Heaven not in the courts or halls of government. However, that same Savior has called us to act here and now in this time. Patriots must make straight the path. Patriots must be prepared to muster in defense of liberty. Patriots must be willing to reclaim our Republic. Patriots must be willing to fight on every front of this war: from cyber to courts, from the information to ideological, from political to psychological, from regulatory to resources. We must fight from the Capitol steps to the corporate boardrooms, in our homes and in our churches, in our schools and in our social clubs. This is total war.

We cannot, and we will not, slog forward in misery slowly rotting proud of our trampled nature.

We must:
1. Prepare and organize action groups in our areas.
2. Secure our communications. Switch to other social media platforms.
3. Open our churches.
4. Open our businesses.
5. Defend those churches and businesses that do open.
6. Publicly acknowledge Trump as our duly elected President.
7. Declare your area loyal to the Constitution.
8. Prepare to defend the Republic.

We will:
1. Mock the petty tyrants.
2. Revoke our consent for them to govern.
3. Defy tyranny everywhere all the time.
4. Reclaim the principles of life, liberty, property, and the ability to defend the same.

We live freedom as a testimony to others. And when we have done all to stand, stand.


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