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BREAKING: Bowman Prevails! County Folds On Trespass

Bonner County refused to prosecute this case, it is over!


BREAKING: Bowman Prevails! County Folds On Trespass

by Shari Dovale

We have all been following the antics of Comrade Chairman Luke Omodt and his fearless battle against the First Amendment.

Let’s pick up the story at the end of January when Comrade Omodt made his now infamous “Citizen’s arrest” of two men for not speaking in his Quarterly Budget meeting.

Omodt staged an expensive performance the following week when he pretended this event was an ongoing emergency and flew back early from a taxpayer-funded convention to announce the trespass to his few friends gathered at the county building.

Commissioner Stages Political Stunt to Announce Candidacy

Comrade Chairman spoke for three and a half minutes without actually saying much. Then he took questions, some which seemed suspiciously like they were pre-written.

He made overtures that he will be contacting Governor Little and requesting the help from the Idaho State Police, since he is not getting the response he wanted from local law enforcement.

This comedy-of-errors was not enough for the attention-seeking Comrade, so he continued with these tirades for several weeks. Repeatedly ignoring his attorney’s legal opinions, and refusing to listen to the warnings from a fellow Commissioner, Omodt insisted that HIS WILL BE DONE!

What Did We Just Witness?

Commissioner Omodt ignored legal input, he ignored the statement from law enforcement that no law had been broken, he ignored the process of a vote by the board of commissioners for his first citizens arrest.

The case came to a head this week when the county prosecutors stepped in and requested the criminal case against Dave Bowman be dismissed with prejudice.

Yes, it was Bonner County that requested the dismissal, and has refused to prosecute this case. It is over.

The criminal trespass case that was generated by Omodt’s ‘Citizen’s arrest’ was dismissed. The BOCC trespass remains in place, however, and has not been addressed by this ruling.

Comrade Omodt has known about this ruling for days, yet has not discussed it publicly. Is he hoping that the propaganda continues on his behalf? There is more to come from this ongoing soap opera from Comrade Luke. We can all expect him to have a conniption fit come Tuesday from the judge’s decision.

Bless his heart.



2 Comments on BREAKING: Bowman Prevails! County Folds On Trespass

  1. Voters can fix this problem. Hope we can get a refresher about the guys running for Omodts seat. Get someone with some common sense in the Swearing pastor seat and Get info out about the Sheriffs Race please.

  2. You must be taking journalism ‘structure’ lessons from the NY Times. Lol! As long as you believe your cause is more morally righteous than the opposition, then it’s okay to lie just a little. Fibs for political expediency is what I call it. No firm opinion one way or the other on the issue. Just don’t disrupt the meeting every week. We all need to play by the same rules, right? Good luck.

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