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Bring On The Clowns

Once one of them becomes the official Democrat presidential candidate he/she will attempt to move back towards the center

Bring On The Clowns

Bring On The Clowns

by Pete Ketcham

As the herd of Democratic presidential clown candidates parade around the country, it is becoming visible to the entire nation how bizarre, illogical, and downright stupid the agenda of the Democrat party is.

Between the twenty some candidate clowns there is no limit to the collective illogical bizarre proposals known as “campaign promises”.

The following is a partial list of some of these “promises”.

1.Guaranteed universal income for all citizens whether they work or not.

2.Open borders, which enables any foreign person to come into the US and live here without any official process or documentation.

3.The belief that climate change ( formerly known as global warming) will destroy the world in ten years, and only the Democrat candidates can save the US if they are elected president.

4.Free healthcare for all illegal immigrants.

5.Forgiveness of all student debt, in essence the taxpayer would pay for the college education of thousands of students.

6. Impose a 70% tax rate on gross or net income of corporations and “the rich”

7. A promise to  implement the Green New Deal, which in reality is a complete destructive fantasy.

8. They will nullify the Second Amendment and confiscate all guns.

9. Even one candidate proposed federally funded abortions for transgender men???.

I could list more of these Democrat campaign promises, but the point is, these clowns have departed from reality, and are now exposing themselves for the lunatics they are.

Yet one must wonder, if these candidates themselves actually believe what they are promising. I would guess many don’t, but in order to appeal to their moronic extreme left base, they have taken on this illogical extremism.

I suspect that once one of them becomes the official Democrat presidential candidate he/she will attempt to move back towards the center, but Trump will probably hammer them with their former extreme campaign promises.

But in the meantime the clown show continues, and at the rate they are falling all over themselves to move to the extreme left, they may have pulled the circus tent down on themselves by November 2020


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