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WBCSD Needs Accountability, Not Levies

Please vote on May 18th, 2021

WBCSD Needs Accountability, Not Levies

WBCSD Needs Accountability, Not Levies

Remember those glossy postcards from WBCSD? They spent over $43,000 to learn how to sell themselves. Why not hold regular town halls for the public? Monthly open houses for the community? 

How transparent is it when they start off with a general fund shortfall of $2.5 million with no explanation for it. They need to learn to live within a budget like the rest of us. 

Trustees and administrators claim that the money for the “Covid pandemic” is not a substitute for levy dollars. Why not?  Maybe WBCSD should offer to repay the tax payers for the cost of running multiple levies once they receive these federal dollars.  That would be a bold step in the right direction to build strong community cohesiveness instead of colorful postcards.   

With the lowest ISAT scores in the area, why not teach real math, real science, real reading, and real-life skills? WBCSB has local control but fails to exercise it. 

Why not stop bowing to the Idaho School Board Association and start running schools like a military-prep academy.  They might get better results and certainly would get students to attend who wanted to learn, not loaf. So, not only would the test scores improve but so would the moral and behavior. 

Schools are for learning, not for secret clubs and babysitting.  And having their little minions steal No Levy signs in both Priest River and along Highway 41 makes their “….Strong community” slogan out to be the sham that it is.

It’s time to replace any WBCSB member who supports running these repetitive levies.  They have overstayed their welcome and usefulness.  Let’s replace them with community minded individuals who understand that operating public schools and respecting the taxpayers who funded them are of equal value and of equal importance in public education. 

Vote AGAINST the Levy May 18th!

Mike Stout
Priest River


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