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WBCSD – A Bloated Bureaucracy Asking For More Money

Please vote on May 18th, 2021

WBCSD - A Bloated Bureaucracy Asking For More Money

WBCSD – A Bloated Bureaucracy Asking For More Money

Why has the one sign, VOTE NO LEVY, in Priest River, been stolen – twice? Why can’t one voice be left to speak? Why the censorship?

Did you know that West Bonner County School District (WBCSD) has the worst ISAT scores of any of the surrounding school districts? Also, WBCSD spends more per student than any of these school districts. Cost per student has been going up dramatically in the face of declining enrollment, and is now 155% of the Idaho average. Take a look at this data from the WBCSD’s own financial reports and the State Department of Education website.


Did you know that WBCSD teachers are earning close to the average wage for teachers in the whole state of Idaho? This is nearly twice the Bonner County average wage of $27,900 ( Given the test scores, we are clearly not getting our money’s worth. Vote AGAINST the Levy May 18th!

Therese Aline Tatom
Priest River

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