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Defunding the Democrat Party

Everything in the social/political world depends on funding to exist

Defunding the Democrat Party

Defunding the Democrat Party

by Pete Ketcham

In a previous article I had set out three objectives concerning the Democratic party that had to be accomplished in order to bring our nation back to it’s original constitutional basis. Those three objectives are as follows:

  • A: Take control of the education system, and return it back to it’s former faith based foundation. At present it has become an indoctrination institution for the socialist/LGBT agenda of the Democrat party”.
  • B: Neutralize the liberal mainstream news media which has evolved into a propaganda agency for the Democrat party. This is not a “freedom of the press” issue, but is an issue of rogue propaganda agencies masquerading as news agencies.”
  • C: Eliminate the immoral pornographic production of shows, movies, and music, present in today’s entertainment world. The degenerate product of this industry has tremendous impact on the cultural values of the nation, in fact it sets the moral values.”

Today it seems like an impossible task to accomplice even one of these objectives, let alone three, yet with God’s guidance, it would seem worthwhile to at least explore some of the issues involved in this task.

Everything in the social/political world depends on funding to exist, if the funding is removed it will cease to operate. The following are some of the funding sources for the three entities that are the subject of this article:

  • A: The education systems are primarily funded by property tax, state tax, federal tax, endowments and local bond issues. In Idaho over 60% of the total state budget is dedicated to the state education system, a completely out of balance allocation.
  • B: The liberal mainstream news media is primarily funded by advertisers, and many are owned by liberal billionaires who are no doubt supplementing them due to the continuing loss of advertisers and viewership.
  • C: The entertainment industry derives it’s income from movies, TV shows. Concerts, plays, and published products.

So far there has been unlimited funding for these three entities, but that is now changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the nation, and the following is a look into that situation:

Education System
Online courses/learning is becoming more accepted, and is bolstered by a tremendous growing online resource. This literally pulls students out of brick & mortar facilities with paid teachers into home schooling, which greatly reduces the education funding requirement. As this trend of online education continues to grow, it could eliminate the liberal indoctrination process students are now receiving in class, and return control of the education process to the parents.

Mainstream News Media
The mainstream news media (such as CNN, ABC, CBS) has been losing audience and advertisers, but it is being kept alive by liberal billionaires like George Soros and other liberal billionaire foundations.

These billionaires are currently protecting the mainstream news media from the natural attrition of normal business failure, but it would seem there could be a limit that even the billionaires will reach if the mainstream news media continues it’s downward plunge with low ratings.

see: Soros Spending at mrc

The Entertainment Industry
Due to the insatiable apatite created within much of the general public for depraved entertainment, the money continues to flow into “Hollywood” for their degenerate product, but nevertheless they are now facing some major income problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently the box office income is taking a big hit. Major theater chains have closed hundreds of theaters across the nation, and when or if they reopen at the end of the pandemic, the residual financial loss may be devastating. Also, scheduled stage and musical productions are being canceled with tremendous loss of income.

see RollingStone article.

It is impossible to determine how long this pandemic will last, or what the long term financial damage will be to these three entities, but this pandemic has shown us that a tactic of defunding them may be the way to approach the task of achieving the objectives as stated at the beginning of this article.



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