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Is A Second Tea Party Possible?

A nationwide organization similar to the original Tea Party is badly needed today for local participation.

Is A Second Tea Party Possible?

Is A Second Tea Party Possible?

by Pete Ketcham

Years past the Tea Party movement provided a local conservative public forum for  people, who in some cases were motivated to run for office, testify at senate/house hearings, write & publish articles, campaign for conservative Republican candidates, attend public rallies, and other political activities. Today there may be a conservative forum found in the Trump MAGA movement, (and others) but it deals primarily with national politics and the Trump agenda, not state and local county politics.

Even though conservative national organizations are assets to the conservative cause, a nationwide organization similar to the original Tea Party is badly needed today for local participation.

Original Tea Party
The original Tea Party groups were organized in various regions of the state, but were independent of each other, and thus lacked the united impact needed concerning state and county legislation. These original Tea Parties consisted primarily of local meetings in locations such as senior centers, hotel conference rooms, etc. These Tea Parties had mostly depended on radio, newspaper, and email to organize meetings, but today with the availability of Twitter, Facebook, and other electronic communication means, it could be possible to hold virtual meetings in lieu of in-person meetings.  Yet It would still be advantageous to also hold in-person meetings for attendees to become acquainted with each other, and be informed and motivated by various speakers.

As previously mentioned, the original Tea Parties were regional and totally independent of each other, but this present day Tea Party could be a state organization with county chapters. A central state office could provide coordination and information for the various county chapters. Adjoining counties could join together as they address various city, county, and state issues. There would also be the option that various state Tea Parties across the nation could join together to address national issues.

Today, conservatives are fighting their individual battles on Facebook, Twitter, and the web, but for the most part it is a frustrating losing experience. To be effective in the political and cultural battles, it would be greatly advantageous to “join forces”, and approach the local issues as a unified group which has a much greater impact, than fighting the battles individually. The “Tea Party Concept” seems like the most logical and simplest way today to become an effective force in the city, county, state political arenas.

Under the Biden administration It is clearly evident that our nation is collapsing into a chaotic, immoral, socialistic mess as the insane policies of the Democrats take effect. It is also evident that the national efforts by the Republican party have proven inadequate to stop it. And so it would seem, that the only remaining option to counter this collapse would have to begin at the local level, and work it’s way up to the national arena.

There is also the possibility that the Red states could exercise the provisions of the Tenth Amendment and nullify the unconstitutional laws passed by the Democrats. The blue states such as California have already been doing it these last four years by their unconstitutional sanctuary policies.


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