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The Cancer of Political Corruption

The struggle against this corruption is currently being fought by Trump, his staff, and his supporters to retain our constitutional republic form of government.


The Cancer of Political Corruption

By Pete Ketcham

As this article deals with the topic of corruption in our nation’s government, it would first be appropriate to define the word corruption.

“It is a form of dishonesty or criminal activity undertaken by a person or organization entrusted with a position of authority, often to acquire illicit benefit, or, abuse of entrusted power for one’s private gain.” (Wikipedia)

For many years our state and national governments have been plagued by corruption to a lessor extent, similar to a pre-cancer state, but yet, was always in danger of it metastasizing into a fatal condition that could possibly destroy the nation as a constitutional republic.

That fatal metastasis finally did take place beginning January 20, 1993, when Bill Clinton (and Hillary) was inaugurated as 42nd President of the United States, and continued until January 20, 2001. These two unprincipled reprobates were the most corrupt people to ever occupy the White House, and they spread their poison of corruption and immorality into every branch and department of the federal government.

Like a cancer, that poisonous corruption never left the body of the federal government, but went into a temporary period of remission during the Bush presidency, and then came back stronger than ever when Barack Obama (BO) became president in January 20, 2009. For eight long years this man continued the spread of the Clinton corruption throughout the entire spectrum of the federal government.

This effort of BO was assisted by the news media, academia, the entertainment industry, and the democratic party, four powerful entities that had been take over by people as corrupt as the Clintons and BO.

The struggle against this corruption is currently being fought by Trump, his staff, and his supporters to retain our constitutional republic form of government. In the midst of this struggle, not only does the President have to deal with the existing embedded corruption, but at the same time must try to move our nation forward to new heights of prosperity and security.

Today our nation is in a death struggle to retain it’s conservative christian based foundations as this rapacious giant-of-corruption eats away at the foundations of both state and national governments. As I observe national events currently unfold, I have become convinced that nothing less than some sort of national catastrophic event will need to take place to purge this corruption, and give the God fearing patriots a chance to do a reset and start over with a “clean slate”.


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1 Comment on The Cancer of Political Corruption

  1. I fully agree with what is said in this article. I also know that God is in control of not only America but the entire world. Prophesy tells us of the beginning of sorrows and the end of this life as we know it. God and only God is our shield and when the people of this country turn bag to Him, worship Him and ask for His arms to stay tightly locked around us and our country, He will return. What a marvelous day that will be and how I look forward to His return.
    I pray for our government & most of all our President for his safety and pray he turns to the creator for answers.

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