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The Chaos Begins, Which Direction Do We Go?

Insane policies that continue to pour out the dysfunctional Biden/Harris administration


The Chaos Begins, Which Direction Do You Go?

by Pete Ketcham

The nation is now coming into a period of governing chaos never experienced before.

Although this may sound like an exaggerated statement based on political criticism, but never in our history has a godless cabal so devoid of wisdom, common sense, and moral character, led by a mentally deficient old man taken control of our nation.

I used the term “led by a mentally deficient old man”, but in reality a radical cabal is directing every move the mentally deficient old man makes as president of the US.

It is somewhat difficult to chronicle all the seventeen executive orders that Biden signed on day one of his term (Obama and Trump signed one), but their impact on the nation’s energy, economy, military, morals, and many more entities is devastating.

All this is being driven by a cabal of radical environmentalist, LGBT community, illegal immigration advocates, and many other special interest groups who have no concern or vision of the devastation their actions are causing, as long as they get their special agendas passed.

Biden’s first day record of reckless executive orders is just the beginning. Ever day there are new illogical policies and orders being instituted out of the Biden administration with absolutely no regard for the widespread harm to the nation’s citizens.

Among the many Biden issues, there is one which has the potential for great danger to the nation, and that is the Biden relation with China. Biden and his whole damn family are in a position (by prior illegal dealings) to be blackmailed by China, giving China tremendous opportunity to do this nation harm in many areas. Not only do we have to fear the Biden domestic repercussions, but also foreign. Israel has stated it will go to war with Iran if Biden revives the Obama plan of enabling Iran to develop nuclear weapons. And this may finally be the time that China decides to invade Taiwan, as they realize the US is now governed by a feckless administration that may not interfere with their action.

So, many wonder what can be done to counteract the pure insanity that is issuing forth from the Democrat control of our nation. After years of watching California (the nation’s liberal Democrat model) continue to be overrun with illegals, gangs, drug cartels, homeless, power blackouts, and crime in general, it would seem that it may have to run it’s course till there is a complete breakdown into uncontrolled anarchy, or the people finally wake up to the reality of the insanity of Democrat rule. At this point it is hard to determine which will occur first.

Lastly, It is hoped, that somehow Trump and other conservative legislators can come up with an effective plan to counteract a lot of the insane policies that will continue to pour out the dysfunctional Biden/Harris administration, before complete chaos reigns in the nation.

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5 Comments on The Chaos Begins, Which Direction Do We Go?

  1. The Communist actually accept, acknowledge and have a name for this is called the “Class Dictatorship.” That means their movement is not based on one person but on many…the Deep State is the Class Dictatorship.

  2. The Biden ‘management committee’, (syndicalists) maybe a better term,
    Are avoiding mention of public discourse with hardly any discussion on the issue that is being punched through with the spiritless abandon and frenzy of a bear discovering a pot of honey. In wartime a deflection maneuver would draw attention from where it should be. How opportune is it how executive orders hot off the ‘committee’ press keep piling high on the former Presidents desk, while simultaneously accusations are hurled to the followers of the recent President, The “Impeach-Games” are exactly that no more. This is brilliant In execution, but reeks of immorality and a malignant form of partisanship.
    This bum-rush of orders has to be done with immediacy because if delayed and ever increasing number of the public will begin asking some very pertinent answers as to what who and why this like this now?

  3. It is the Biden plan to bankrupt America and destroy as much as possible in as short a time. There is no other logical explanation. They have a need to consolidate power as quickly as possible and stomp on opposition before it can organize. The Republic as we knew it has already died.

    History is repeating itself and we are in pre-war II Germany.

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