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Nothing To Lose By Starting A Third Party

The Republicans have now capitulated completely to the Democrats.

Nothing To Lose By Starting A Third Party

Nothing To Lose By Starting A Third Party

By Pete Ketcham

In the past it had been evident that a conservative third party would harm the Republicans, and benefit the Democrats. This had proven to be true back in the 90’s when Ross Perot attempted to win the presidency as a third party candidate. But with the present day evolution of the Democrat party into a criminal enterprise, embracing the moral degeneration of the culture, it may no longer be the case.

Since 2008 the Republican party has become progressively fractured and ineffective. Many members have become embedded in the “Deep State” of Washington politics, interested only in their reelection.

These last four years Donald Trump had given the Republican party an opportunity to revitalize itself, but the Republican “Never Trumpers” and “Deep Staters” actively worked against him, and thus gave the Criminal Democrats a political advantage that may never be overtaken by the Republicans as they exist today.

The Republicans by their acceptance of the recent fraudulent Presidential election and the forthcoming unconstitutional senate impeachment trial (only a sitting president can be impeached, Trump has already left office) have now capitulated completely to the Democrats. It would now appear that there may be nothing to lose by starting a third party, as the Republicans seem to be on a losing streak that has no end.

Lastly, there still exists the possibility that an organized conservative coalition could revive and empower the existing Republican party, but as daily political events unfold, that possibility seems to be growing dimer.


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3 Comments on Nothing To Lose By Starting A Third Party

  1. There is no more reason to worry about a third party harming the republicans.
    The two party’s, rep’s and dem’s, are one in the same as they have shown us this year. How about The American Party? Corny huh?

  2. One party rule hasn’t worked well. Voting for the “lesser of evils” hasn’t preserved our once great country. Primering all R.I.N.O.s and other spineless wimps seems impossible. Trump is great but he did know about the communists plan to steal the election and did nothing to stop the theft. Too little too late.

  3. Just face it,the GOP is dead, it is a death by suicide. They consisted mostly of cowardly go along to get along types anyway. And they were fine with the status quo as long as they got their cut of all of that sweet free money from their real constituents, the Lobbiests.. The few who do have a spine have long been overshadowed by the so called party leaders will be welcome in our new party. The DOP (dead old party) turned their backs on our president and us, now it’s our turn to send them to the trash heap of history where they belong.
    There’s really nothing to lose as Biden’s puppet masters are already at work dismantling that old dusty piece of paper called the Constitution.

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