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Jim Woodward Has Zero North Idaho Fight In Him

Jim touts FEMA, and what he believes it can do for us, if we just shut up and wait.

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Jim Woodward Has Zero North Idaho Fight In Him

by Mike Franco

In fact, Senator Jim Woodward’s guest piece in one of our local daily rags is a sad state of affairs. And his words indicate that he defers our “representation” to experts and higher bureaucratic authority.

It’s also likely that the business and tax groups he looks to for counsel are of a progressive bent, especially if they’re clinging to the state’s hierarchy out of Boise, and the influence of Ada County.

Senator Woodward uses Idaho’s mandate for a balanced budget as a crutch. These sentiments are insignificant since many “communist” states across the USA have the same rule. The tripe of “balanced budgets” doesn’t prevent governments from being authoritative, confiscatory and sometimes tyrannical.

And what kind of growth does Jim think we need to “manage?” Population or Economic? Considering his mindset and alliance to a US Senator and the Governor, I believe he means population through unqualified immigration, amnesty and refugee programs.
This type of growth would be a drag on our economy, and harmful to our culture and values. But for Jim, this means kicking back and gobbling up federal dollars, and getting “through the territory” by leaning on his position of appeasement.
Now let’s peruse the third paragraph. This one is devoted entirely to the Governor, and his 3-prong method to management. Then Woodward awkwardly transitions from Little to unity BS in the same paragraph, which he feels we all must participate. Typical RINO pablum.
Hey senator. Let’s simplify the “Powerpoint” musing to a few things that The People in a Republic would desire: Eliminate the income tax, reduce and streamline state departments and agencies, and (you, Jim) “fight” to get the bureaucracy out of our way.
Next, in the last three bulging paragraphs before his close, Jim touts FEMA, and what he believes it can do for us if we just shut up and wait. The prospect of Idaho hanging from the teat of national government is sad, and frankly disgusting.
Lastly, a couple more things. One, Jim didn’t alone pen this opinion, even though these positions are ultimately assigned to him. And two, there’s no way he asked state Rep Heather Scott for permission to use her name in an official manner at the beginning of the piece.
Unfortunately, Jim Woodward – a nice guy – is giving me the impression that he’s a rubber stamp, an empty suit, and wasting our time.
*Editor’s Note:  We have opted not to link to the referenced article and have instead chosen to show you Senator Woodward’s latest newsletter.

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