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Rebuttal Letter to Frank Vandersloot

You as a man or tremendous influence can make a huge difference in this state

Rebuttal Letter to Frank Vandersloot

Dear Frank,

Throughout history there have always been people that claim to be something they are not. Some do it and knew it, and others have no idea and your letter is no exception to my statement. What should be stated early is that I do not altogether disagree with you and neither do each of the movements in question. The Devil is in the details and I hope I can explain.

It is true what you call and what is commonly known as conservative principles have always outperformed liberal solutions and this is exactly why most of us support conservative solutions but where you begin to go sideways is where you mention a “new version” of conservatism. You see, the “new version” really isn’t new and the fingers you point may be the one’s if you see it clearly the one’s pointing back at you when my letter to you is done.

The “new version” you refer to isn’t a “radical group of so called freedom lovers,” the radical group was the group that infiltrated the republican party decades ago by the Neoconservatives that define themselves as Neoconservatives or “Trotskyite –style Marxists. This is what we “freedom lovers’ see and what we know about the republican establishment and if you knew anything about the Neocons, you would know this to be true because they believe and support all that you do. The sad part is that in your attempt to define what true conservatism is, you seem to not know that there are different types of conservatives and that most of us don’t call ourselves conservatives at all because the term is completely ambiguous like the members in the party that can’t even adhere to the platform and detest those that try to hold them accountable to the very thing that defines them. This in itself is quite ironic don’t you think and quite telling of whom the true subversives really are?

At least we are open about who we are and what we want, when you neocons parade around like you are all playing parts in George Orwell’s 1984 in support of party over liberty and therein is the difference. We support liberty over party and I think the republican’s hate it and now that they see us as a threat, they need to further divide our already divided country which seems most aligned with the communist revolutionaries than attempting to keep the peace by opening up dialogue. As for Radical, “Common Sense” and your word “conservative,” if I asked you probably couldn’t define for the party or probably for yourself what either terms mean.

So, Frank, how do you define conservatism? Is that party over constitution? What exactly is it that rubs you so wrongly about us? Do you even know? “Common Sense” is that your word for “moderate?” that we need to compromise? If you have any faith, you would know that isn’t even possible and still remain in God’s favor. Now you propose to take for yourself the ability to define terms for yourself and tell the rest of us what you think they should be without being challenged? Not in my house.

To be clear, what you seem to hate ironically are the ideals of true Biblical Constitutionalism. Because if you didn’t, we would have any issues, would we? You seem to hate being held accountable for deviation from the party platform but don’t even recognize the issues of why the country has gone awry as elected officials have deviated from the Constitution and you somehow blame us for you your inconsistencies or the fact that you in your professional stature can’t even take a stance for fear of political backlash unless of course it fits your safe-space requirements?

As for party reputation, this clearly shows where your priorities lie in that you do support party over liberty and justice for all because you believe that party control is the answer to all of the world’s problems. The problem with this is that is shows such a narrow periphery of just how much you don’t know about how much trouble this country and state are in that the ID GOP being so clueless will never fix or perhaps it desires not to because it is part of the problem? Have you not realized the support for the party has dwindled indeed because of the reputation but not because of us but because people are starting to see that it’s all about party control and not trying to fix all that which is broken.

In case you do not understand or in case you prefer not to or in case you are part of the problem and I need to clarify, this nations and this globes problems aren’t because of people like us, it is because of a group of control freaks that desire to control every nation and every man woman and child across the world and the republicans refusal to recognize the threat. Those that still say these things are a matter of conspiracy theory have just admitted that they are a part of the problem by discrediting what is now plainly in the face of anyone remotely paying any attention. It matters not that you believe me because truth exists either way. The question is do you care more about our country and future generations than you do about being the controlling entity in Idaho politics that actually has done more to expand socialist programs than we ever would and you call us subversives.

You mention this group being secretly funded so you are either a liar or you would have no issue proving with evidence where the money comes from? I find it totally ironic that such a man would call the kettle black when he, himself gives money to leftist organizations they say they are trying to beat by maintaining control…unless of course you have more in common with leftist groups than you do with us which is why you have no problem giving them money while espousing such vitriol for us? You wouldn’t be a hypocrite now would you be, Frank? So, what exactly is Otterpac and what is the money actually used for? I believe I read or was told that it was to maintain control of the state by undermining the value of the individual vote in favor of the collective? Isn’t collectivism closer to the real enemy and contrary to your stated principles in your letter?

Did you just accuse us of “Cult-like litmus” to determine if people are really conservatives? You really are appealing to the ignorant aren’t you when you fail to even consider a party platform defines a party much like borders do to nation. Borders are not random and arbitrary, they are clearly defined. Can you not see how it would be possible to have your own party infiltrated and not know it if no one had to adhered to anything? Can you imagine running a nation of laws that way? I think you would agree that our nation is in free fall now because people are running our nation just the way you believe “common sense republicans” should be and you still think we are the problem? You can’t be serious. Would you be a billionaire if you ran your companies that way? I think not!

frankYou and I do agree however on the mislabeling of republicans. I have never been a fan of the term RINO either. The proper term is NEOCON. Although I will also agree that many of the people in the party are good people, I know and love many of them. I also know that many people because they are unaware and just want to be involved unknowingly aid in national subversion aren’t even aware they are doing it and there are of course…others that do. The problem is, separating the two and not creating new enemies that may not be enemies at all but that is the globalist plan isn’t it, to break down society and to get people to fight against each other on every triviality without even questioning what is true. You do believe in what is true, don’t you Frank?

The vilification of good people is not a good thing but when it is merely pointing out what I am to you, I see it as sharing a perspective using truth to do it and if one sees it as vilification, I am not sure I can do much to change that without the ability, willingness and desire for both parties to communicate and in my perspective we take far more heat from the republicans than we give but again, that is just from my perspective. I myself have always wanted to find those that disagree and to chat and find solutions or at least be willing to know more about someone else than just assume. Are you willing to do so Frank?

Where you and I do again agree Frank is true that we also believe in personal responsibility, individual freedoms, limited government, family values, honesty, integrity, the rule of law, and finding common sense solutions. We also value common sense. We have have compassion but again where we disagree is that you say true conservatives listen to the other side even when they do not agree with the other side but they don’t practice what they preach! If they did, they would be calling each other on the phone e or setting up meetings, not lambasting an entire class of people without doing so. It is again true that “true conservatives” can think for themselves rather than being told what to believe and how to vote and true conservatives find common sense solutions to new problems that face us every day but why would you say that we adhere to nonsensical dogma, then say again that these thoughts were created by a handful of persons who are controlled by their own special interests? Do you like lawsuits for libel and slander or is that not a problem for you because you have enough money to outspend anyone in our movement? By the way, just because this may be true does not mean you are right, it just means you may like to control others as well as the outcomes maintaining control at all times.

The party seems to think we desire to take over the Republican Party and we want to overthrow the government and God knows what other nonsensical garbage. In reality if you must know what the desires are, all you would need to do is adhere to your own principles you listed above and ask.

Constitutionalists have no desire to take over the party, or overthrow the government, what we desire is to help people understand why returning to our Founder’s Originality Principles would solve many of the problems we face today and hopefully gain enough to support to realize that our Constitution is hanging by a thread and for each of us to hold each other accountable as to why this is happening and how our actions that we may be unaware of could be a part of the problem and not part of the solution. I see that this could go both ways if both are willing. The party is the last of our goals until it decides to go on the offensive and attack those they have no desire to communicate with us and then when we outwardly defend ourselves we are labeled Extreme?

You conveniently say that we deem anyone who disagrees with them as “the enemy” but you don’t even see you are the one clearly doing so in your open letter to the world assaulting our character as an offensive move not a defensive one. How hypocritical. You say we use the liberal tactic of destroying the messenger rather than providing a reasonable argument to the message but in reality you use the tactic to avoid any communication with us just as the left does to us. Am I not providing a reasonable argument and how would you define reasonable anyway, like you do conservative and common sense?

You call us “radical conservatives” and tell us we are not conservatives, We’ll let me ask you something, if you don’t adhere to your own platform and anyone is invited, why suddenly are we not welcome? Maybe we don’t call ourselves conservatives (I know many that still do however) so if I had to ask Frank, what exactly are you conserving when no one adheres to any set of rules or their platform? Have you not noticed that this state, for example, has slid radically left with “conservative’ republicans in control? How do explain that? Is that our fault too? Your CINO designation is cute. Are you hoping you can create your own language with your own terms? You seem to be off to a great start!

frankAs far as being secretly funded and making back room deals to secure power, I sure hope you have evidence of your claims, I mean, you wouldn’t make such accusations without them would you Frank? Perhaps you could enlighten us all by sharing those for the world to see that you are right and we…well…are not?

Our mission, although I can only speak for myself, is not to take over your party because most of us hate the party system. We hate that system because it was contrary to what the founders wanted and believed it did more to eradicate the integrity of an individual vote in favor of the collective that support it. In saying so, it doesn’t mean we desire to implode the party either, it means that for decades we have wanted the opportunity to communicate with others that hate us and to know why and to be challenged on why what we believe is wrong but when we are constantly attacked by letters like yours and speakers like Sheriff Ozzie coming here labeling us the enemy, these are not the principles for which you say you support, They are offensive attacks and divisive, not defensive.

I will never back down from a fight no matter who my opponent is but I will always try to communicate with them first before publicly assaulting them unless all attempts to communicate have failed or, like you are unreachable and of course if I am met with offensive attacks.

Many, not all, are Biblical Constitutionalists and many are far more educated in these principles that you would ever know. We understand current events we understand history, we understand that history repeats itself for those that don’t know it. We have reverence for the God and The Holy Scriptures and we understand far more about the conspiratorial elements undermining American liberty than anyone, so if you find what we believe that hard to swallow, you really need to reassess your worldview and if you still decide to adhere to your arbitrary tenants, It is best publicly know I am not to be called a “conservative” at all and I openly admit it.

This nation is in trouble. You as a man or tremendous influence can make a huge difference in this state and you get to choose which side you are on but as Sun Tsu said, you better know yourself and your enemy or you may be imperiled in every battle. Are you sure you want to choose us as your adversary?

Sincerely and as respectfully written as possible,

Tom Munds
A regular guy that gives a crap about our country and our state and future generations




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