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RINO Governor Opposes Conservative Constituents

Governor Brad Little may have just reassured his position as a 1-term Governor.

letter RINO Governor Opposes Conservative Constituents

RINO Governor Opposes Conservative Constituents

by Shari Dovale

Redoubt News has been reporting on the arrival of Muslim and Syrian refugees for several years. We were the first to report on a planeload of refugees arriving in Boise on February 1, 2016. There were plenty of screams from the left-wing extremists claiming that it did not happen, until the main stream media (MSM) confirmed it.

There have also been dissenters when we said that the previous Idaho governor was not listening to the conservative majority of voters in the state. They even referenced the letter that he sent to Barack Obama in 2015. But that was proven to be merely a distraction for the true agenda.

Then Brad Little was voted in to replace him. Many thought Little would listen to the conservative voters in the state on this issue. That has not happened.

President Donald Trump has given the decision of accepting refugees to the states, which means that the majority of the citizens in Idaho expected RINO Governor Brad Little to honor their decisions to reject additional refugees. Instead, he decided to show his TRUE LIBERAL COLORS and he went against his constituency.

Executive Order on Enhancing State and Local Involvement in Refugee Resettlement

I have consulted with the Secretary of State and determined that, with limited exceptions, the Federal Government, as an exercise of its broad discretion concerning refugee placement accorded to it by the Constitution and the Immigration and Nationality Act, should resettle refugees only in those jurisdictions in which both the State and local governments have consented to receive refugees under the Department of State’s Reception and Placement Program (Program).

Click on the map for a more detailed look.

The MSM have even finagled their headlines to make it appear that nearly all the counties throughout the state are in agreement with this Liberal RINO Governor. This is not true.

This is a map of Idaho for the 2016 presidential election results by precinct. As you can see, the majority of Idaho is a very conservative red, while there are pockets of liberal blue.

Ada and Twin Falls counties are the liberal bastions that are attempting to control the state’s policies, regardless that the majority of voters disagree.

Just looking at a few of the counties in the state, you can see that there is strong disagreement for accepting these refugees.


bonner county resolution
Bonner County

Kootenai County

Lemhi County

Boundary County

Governor Brad Little may have just reassured his position as a 1-term Governor. Conservatives are upset throughout the state and the country, and they do not forget easily.


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7 Comments on RINO Governor Opposes Conservative Constituents

  1. Here is a recent correspondence thread between me and Mr. Visser, who is an Ada County Commissioner, concerning the “consent” that they gave to allow refugees to keep being seeded into Ada County. I had reached out and contacted the Ada County Commissioners’ on this topic and asked whether there had been any outreach to the citizens of Ada County for their opinions on accepting more refugees.

    On Monday, January 13, 2020 10:26 AM, Rick Visser wrote:

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    Thank you for contacting me in regard to refugees in Ada County. To address your question and thoughts.

    We did not vote in favor of receiving more refugees in Ada County. I probably would have opposed a policy to increase the number. I have attached the Commissioners’ letter to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. The key language in our brief letter is “we consent to initial resettlement in Ada County, Idaho as per the terms of the Executive Order.” I have also attached President Trump’s executive order. It calls for self-sufficiency of the refugees. As a longtime proponent of workfare welfare recipients, I agree completely with the President. The President also seeks to “enhance these consultations” to the states and counties. I agree 100%. Furthermore, the Executive Order our consent is “under the Department of State’s Reception and Placement Program.”

    My stance is clear, IF refugees are to be resettled in Ada County, the county’s policy must comply with the Executive Order. In addition I’m in touch with constituents every week. However, I do favor town hall meetings, managed surveys and also putting advisory questions on the election ballot. The last board with Coms Case and Tibbs did not agree with me. I will bring it up with the new Baord.


    My response to Mr. Visser:

    Mr. Visser,

    Good evening and thank you for your candid response…I will attempt to be candid as well.

    Frankly, the refugees and Ada County taxpayers would be much better served if the refugees were assisted in their own country. Unfortunately, that is not how the High Commissioner for Refugees and the United Nations and our State Department play the game.

    The reality is that few refugees, if any, ever reach a level of “self-sufficiency” commensurate with Trump’s EO, even with taxpayer-funded workfare welfare of which you are a proponent. In fact, data clearly shows that during the first five years after having been seeded into Idaho a single refugee costs taxpayers approximately $75,000 ($15,000 a year) for the myriad of welfare/integration services provided to them. Some of the more successful refugees will end up working low paying jobs at meat-packing and yogurt plants subsidized by taxpayer funded welfare. There is no realized return on this taxpayer investment in refugees, with most refugees requiring some form of taxpayer funded welfare in perpetuity. Again, there is no return on investment or cultural enrichment. If there is, please be so kind as to enlighten me.

    Data also shows that approximately 75% of non-white refugees (not unlike non-refugee legal and illegal non-white aliens) typically vote leftwing for the Democratic Party. This is another big reason why continuing to allow refugees to be seeded into Ada County is not in the best interest of Idahoans – because Idahoans are predominantly rightwing conservative, and do not take kindly to seeing Idaho turn purple, and then blue, over time. We like Idaho just as it is…a red conservative state. Anyone who feels otherwise can pack their bags and move to California or any other failed Democratic controlled state.

    Furthermore, statistics indicate that most refugees will not assimilate into our American culture, especially the muslim refugees who will outright refuse; rather, they will create little enclaves and attempt to recreate their home culture here in Idaho. I could go on and on about the downside (there is no upside) to accepting refugees into Idaho, but the aforementioned examples should suffice.

    I have read and understand EO 13888 as well, and President Trump clearly afforded Ada County the opportunity to opt-out of accepting more refugees. By providing consent, you and your fellow commissioners chose not to opt-out thereby giving the green light to continue allowing unlimited numbers (dictated by the Department of State’s Reception and Placement Program) of refugees to continue to be seeded into our county communities…without the informed consent of the citizens of Ada County.

    I’m glad to hear that you favor town hall meetings, managed surveys and also putting advisory questions on the election ballot; however, unfortunately, as far as I know none of this was done, there was no outreach to Ada County citizens prior to the commissioners’ final decision on this matter! Therefore, you and your fellow commissioners failed to give the citizens of Ada County a voice in your deliberation and decision-making process…and this is what bothers me more than anything, not having a chance to voice my opinion and be heard…and I am certain that I am not the only citizen to feel this way! Reprehensible!

    Mr. Visser, I am disappointed to say that you and your fellow commissioners missed a golden opportunity to opt-out…an opportunity handed to you on a silver platter by President Trump. An opportunity of this importance has never been offered to any city, county, or state by any previous sitting president going all the way back to the ill-conceived Immigration Act of 1980. The litmus test that I typically use, when speaking to folks who support bringing more refugees into Ada County, to determine whether they are just virtue signaling, overly politically correct, or just ignorant is as follows: I ask them how many refugees have they taken, or would be willing to take, into their own homes at their own unconditional financial expense without any taxpayer funded support of any kind? e.g. are they willing to pay for ALL expenses to include food, clothing, education, transportation, healthcare, etc. In all the years that I have been using this litmus test, not a single person who puts a “Refugees Welcome” bumper sticker on their vehicle or espouses support for refugees in other ways has answered in the affirmative! I would use this litmus test on you and your fellow commissioners, but I think I already know the outcome.

    I will leave you and your fellow commissioners with several links to Ann Corcoran’s excellent website over at for much-needed edification purposes:

    Additionally, here are some Idaho-specific articles for the commissioners’ edification that should shed some light on how Idahoans really feel about refugees being surreptitiously seeded into their communities, counties, and state.

    In liberty,

  2. Little is a joke, he needs to go! If we Conservatives don’t push back HARD, Idaho is just a few more regulations and elections from becoming California!

  3. The dog and pony show conducted by resettlement advocates in Sandpoint two years ago was met with strong opposition and our message was obviously heard, because they haven’t been back.

    But the promoters of this effort have taken their duplicitous and false promotion elsewhere. Their ability to work their strategy in blue enclaves is an indication of what they do in other areas.

    They think that as Seattle controls all of Washington, as Portland controls all of Oregon and even in Texas, Austin is beginning to send a blue wave outward, they can create enough power in Boise and Idaho Falls to silence the voices in the northern state. Their influence in Boise pervades the legislature and the Governor’s office.

  4. While walking in a western Washington state public park about 4 years ago. I was grabbed on the shoulder and neck area by a traditionally garbed muslim man who was of a smallish build like a somalian. He must have seen the little gold cross around my neck and told me that I should convert to his religion. I confidently told him that I am very happy being a Christian. He said some other things about me being a woman out and not escorted by a man. He proceeded to grab my shoulder and neck area. I could not respond too much because I was pushing a wheelchair with a disabled person in it. It was a busy park but no one came to my aid but I think that he saw all the people and quit.
    This area of Washington state has a huge muslim population. A lot of them came over to work at Microsoft and had others come with them via chain migration. The numbers have emboldened them.

  5. How many more have been infiltrated since 2016? Somalia is a hotbed of Islamic extremism and not every ‘refugee’ is running away. Here we have a small colony of Somalis and they are disproportionately younger males. Can you say ‘sleeper cells’?

  6. Good article Ms. Dovale, along with Governor Little, even the Ada County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to continue this United Nations Trojan horse “refugee” invasion despite being afforded the ability to opt-out by President Trump’s EO 13888. Reprehensible!

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