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Running For Senate In North Idaho

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Running For Senate In North Idaho

My husband, Senator Scott Herndon, and his challenger, have both held a seat on the Senate Education Committee.  Scott uses his seat to protect children and enable parents to direct their own children’s education.  Jim Woodward did not.  

Scott introduced a constitutional amendment to protect homeschooling and private schooling.  He co-sponsored a bill for K-12 that enabled our schools to keep girls and boys in their own bathrooms. Scott helped pass a school choice bill that allows money to follow each student, and another for open enrollment, enabling parents to choose a public school regardless of their zip code.  

For 2 years, Scott sponsored a teacher spending account that would provide money to teachers for the out-of-pocket money they spend on the classroom.  Scott even sponsored the entire $3.1 billion public education budget on the Senate floor.

Jim Woodward voted against protecting our girls from transgenders in girl-only sports.  Jim voted with ALL of the Democrats against 94% of his Republican caucus and against the Governor and Attorney General.  

For 3 years in a row Woodward stood against HB 249 which would have empowered parents and protected children from being taught “gender identity”, homosexuality, eroticism & sexual pleasure.  After the bill passed the House 56-12 with all Republicans in favor, Woodward worked with the three Democrats on Senate Education to kill the bill.

May 21, vote for Scott Herndon, the proven conservative Republican for Senate.

Arlene Herndon, Sagle