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Governed By Consent Of The People

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Governed By Consent Of The People

The truth is that inflation is not just a minor concern; it’s over 20%. In perspective, you could only draw eight hundred dollars today if you put one thousand dollars in your bank three years ago. Every fake news media and government account of our national debt only puts focus on our national debt, of around thirty-four trillion dollars to date. However, the more significant issue that should keep us up at night is that the unfunded national debt is not just a number; it’s over $98.090.500.000.00, according to the U.S. National Debt Clock: Real Time (

   Over the past three years, our country has not just seen an increase in immigration; it’s been inundated with an unprecedented wave. To put it in perspective, this influx is not just a number; it’s equivalent to the entire population of Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming combined. Can we ignore this blatant disregard for those who have followed the proper channels to become citizens of the USA? 

  Can we, in good conscience, dishonor our family of soldiers? These brave men and women from the Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard have fought for our liberty and freedom. They have sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Yet, many wonder why their government has seemingly betrayed their efforts.

  Hard-working American citizens need clarification on why they work so hard to receive so little. Only a few years ago, one income would support their family’s needs. Most families today find it challenging to maintain the same standard of living with two incomes. Personal loan debt in the U.S. is around $11,700.00; the average new car payment is $750.00, and the average mortgage payment is $1,500.00 per month. The average income in the U.S. is less than $ 40,000.00 per year. I’ll let you do the math from this point.

  Some people have bought into the lie that (soon, you will own nothing and be happy). If this is true, we should be getting happier all the time. Everything we make payments on belongs to the lender. If we are forced to pay property taxes on our home, do we genuinely own it? Can we build anything we want on our property without paying ransom fees for government approval? Some states and counties have claimed possession of the God-given water that falls on your roof. Over the last few years, by sending your children to public schools of indoctrination, you have essentially allowed them to become wards of the state. The emphasis has switched from cursive writing classes to studies of (how to know what sex you are today) and (the benefit of gender affirmation surgery). To top it all off, our government has put us at risk of entering World War Three.

  An overwhelming number of people claim none of this is their fault. Yet they are the same ones who have done nothing to prevent this from happening. If you don’t know the name of the Mayor of your town, If you don’t remember your Sheriffs name or the names of the Commissioners in your county, If you are clueless as to who represents your voice at the state and federal level and have not built a relationship with any of these people aforementioned, or have never been to a public meeting and spoke your opinion, and lastly informed yourself before voting or didn’t vote. This is your fault. Every bit of this is your fault, dammit.

Bob Bozarth
Chehalis WA.