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Did you know?

Did you know

Mark Sauter received a unanimous No Confidence vote from the Bonner County Republican Central Committee over his performance as Idaho State Representative.

He voted against H0314 that would have prohibited taxpayer funded libraries from giving sexually explicit obscene material to children. It would have also required the libraries to take reasonable steps to prevent such materials from being accessed without parental permission.

He voted against H0293 that would have established that members of the State Board of Education (SBOE) be elected by region rather than appointed by the governor. This would have created needed accountability of the SBOE to voters. With our math and reading proficiency scores in the 30 percentile range, this would have increased the likelihood of improving the performance of public education.

He certainly does not represent Republican views of protecting children from obscene materials or improving student’s education.

Did you know:

Jane Sauter’s main goal is to protect Idaho’s children and families from radical agendas and to support the right of parents to make wise choices for their children.

She is a mother of nine children and is a family-centered Traditionalist.

Vote for the RIGHT Sauter – Jane Sauter for House Representative LD1!

Rita Cortright
Priest River, ID