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Do You Really Know Your Current Candidates?

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Do You Really Know Your Current Candidates?

Knowing how a legislator votes is crucial to understanding how YOU are represented.   Here are a few examples regarding dollars, medical decisions, and individual liberty.

Mark Sauter voted “NO” on H180, the bill that would have authorized Idaho to hold gold and silver reserves.

JANE Sauter would have voted “YES” to investing in tangible assets to strengthen Idaho’s financial situation.

Mark Sauter voted “NO” on S1130, which would have established limits on the ability of private and public entities to impose a requirement that individuals receive a coronavirus vaccination.

JANE Sauter would have voted “YES”, because she understands that an individual’s personal health care decisions should NOT be determined by government bureaucrats.

Mark Sauter voted “YES” to provide over 28 million dollars’ worth of childcare grants.

JANE Sauter would have voted “NO”, because she understands that it is not the individual taxpayer’s responsibility to fund other people’s childcare.

JANE Sauter is the true conservative running in this particular race.  She can not be bought, she will not flip or flop, she has a solid ethical and moral foundation, and you can trust her word. 

Vote May 21st  for your American Values! Vote Jane Sauter LD1 House Representative.


Annette Thompson
City of Hope


2 Comments on Do You Really Know Your Current Candidates?

  1. A women does not have a right to murder a child. I have no right to inject heroin into my veins do I?

  2. If Jane is unwilling to fund other people’s child care, then she should support women’s reproductive right. Does she?

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