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HATE SPEECH: The Weaponization of Language

The Social Justice Warriors of the Democrat Party call everything Hate Speech and make people afraid to voice their opinion.

HATE SPEECH: The Weaponization of Language

HATE SPEECH: The Weaponization of Language

It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words” ~ George Orwell

by Shari Dovale

Free Speech is gone. It has been hijacked by “trigger words” and “safe spaces.” It used to be accepted practice that we could disagree and still retain our opinion. Now, however, the Social Justice Warriors have been given free reign to massacre our language and ideas. Vaguely and arbitrarily defined, they call it “Hate Speech.”

This is part of a new ideology that the Democratic-Socialists have propagandized to control the populace.

Propaganda is a system of spreading ideas through speeches, slogans, posters, and newspaper articles. George Orwell had a unique insight to the phenomenon of propaganda. In his essay “Politicians and the English Language” he claims politicians are using these tools to manipulate the people to gain their agendas.

Was he Correct? Let’s look at it…

Political Correctness is Language Weaponization. What began as a way to prevent certain groups from being offended has turned into a witch hunt.

Picture the average upstanding citizen, never breaking laws and spending their time taking care of their family. It only takes one person to call them “Racist” or “Homophobic” to risk them losing everything they earned in life, as well as their family.

We have seen this reach it’s extremes since the election of Donald Trump in 2016. What spread his popularity? He has no filter, he says what he wants. This has given permission to millions of people to do the same and voice their opinion.

The Social Justice Warriors of the Democrat Party (Socialists) had a beautiful thing going, in their minds. Call everything Hate Speech and make people afraid to voice their opinion.

If someone disagrees, call them Racist, or Homophobic, or Islamophobic. If that doesn’t work, then it would be time to get serious and (pardon the pun) pull out the big guns. Make accusations that cannot be substantiated nor easy to prove right or wrong. Put everyone on the defensive. Make them afraid to speak up, for fear of being labeled some Anti-Politically-Correct term-of-the-day.

This is their stereotypical method of operating. Their modus operandi, if you will. And they are getting more blatant every day.

Current Examples include:

President Donald Trump, as is proven by the baseless impeachment proceedings currently active in Congress. The Democrats are stymied as to why Trump is able to successfully accomplish his goals, with their every attempt to block him at every corner. They were so damaged by their losses during the 2016 election, that they can only envision a single way to get past it, through impeachment.

Congressman Steve King, who has been vilified in the media as a racist and white nationalist, completely baseless as he explains in the video below. However, the modus operandi has been so thorough and ingrained, that his own party and leadership were easily able to jump on board that bandwagon.

Representative Matt Shea, who has been falsely accused of Domestic Terrorism with absolutely no proof behind the accusations. This has gone so far that Shea’s party leadership has admitted to working with the opposition to censure Shea from within the State House. In spite of this, the citizens have rallied around Shea and given him a resurgence in popularity.

Each of these men have a few things in common.

  • They are political Conservatives.
  • They are Christian.
  • They have been accused unjustly of using “Trigger Words” and offending people.

Each of these men have been threatened with loss of their jobs and positions. They have had to fight for their right to protect the freedom of the people that elected them. They fight for your God-given rights. They fight for the Constitution.

And they are effective.

Therein lies the problem. They are so effective that their opponents (in both political parties) have sabotaged their right to Due Process. They have not been afforded the basic rights that our Constitution guarantees, beginning with the presumption of innocence.

Without a trial, or a chance to face their accusers, they have been judged guilty. The 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th amendments have no meaning in these cases.

And your vote will no longer count. If these political elites are allowed to get away with this agenda, and removed these men from office, this will confirm they have no respect for the voting process, or your vote.

If the establishment can do this to duly elected representatives of the people, think of what they will do directly to the people. You will be next.


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