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Open Letter to Kathy & Paul Leodler, Rampart Group

By all appearances, both of you are the domestic terrorists with your subversive actions against the Constitution

Open Letter to Kathy & Paul Leodler

Open Letter to Kathy & Paul Leodler

by Karen Schumacher

The Report of Investigation Regarding Representative Matt Shea Washington State House of Representatives was prepared by the Rampart Group, and conducted by Kathy & Paul Leodler, Lead Investigators. Ms. Leodler has deep ties to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other federal agencies while Mr. Leodler has ties to law enforcement, even at a global level. The Rampart Group describes itself as a “Private Investigations Agency and Private Security Guard Company”..

While the report itself contains clear bias, misrepresentation, and untruths regarding many issues, there is one blatant fraudulent statement on page 75. “…Agenda 21, a group of conspiracy theorists who believe that the United Nations resolution promoting sustainable development is a secret plan to create a one world government”. Perhaps the Leodlers should take the time to investigate this alleged conspiracy rather than creating a half-baked document that is slanted to only one outcome.

However, to save time for the Leodlers, here is an introduction to the alleged conspiracy, Agenda 21. It was signed by G.H.W. Bush, promoted by Nancy Pelosi, and implemented by W.J. Clinton in 1993 via EO 12852, the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD). The PCSD brought together the heads of federal agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGO), corporations, and others to integrate Agenda 21 into policy. 

As for their claim of a conspiracy for a “one world government”, the correct term is Global Governance. It is no secret that Sustainable Development is a code word for Agenda 21, and now through Agenda 2030 is being fully implemented through their 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Here is WJ Clinton talking about sustainable development.

Here is former Vice President Al Gore talking about Sustainable Development and how the world could now see themselves as a “single community of nations”, “making up a global civilization”.  Agenda 21 was never signed by the Senate, yet it was implemented.

Prior to the PCSD, Nancy Pelosi attempted to pass H.J. Res 166 adopting Agenda 21, but it failed.  Sen. Pell introduced the same in the Senate, S.J. Res. 69. Here is Nancy Pelosi promoting the adoption of Agenda 21.

The Environmental Protection Agency integrated Agenda 21 into their programs in 1998.  On page 45157 of the Federal Register Vol. 63, No. 163 Monday, August 24, 1998 Notices, it clearly states, The Sustainable Development Challenge Grant program is also a step in implementing ‘‘Agenda 21, the Global Plan of Action on Sustainable Development,’’ signed by the United States at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.” 

Prove different Mr. & Ms. Leodler.

The Framers of our Constitution well understood the tyranny of government. Holocaust survivors know the horror of a government that annihilates human life. Did either of you study history?

Our Founding Fathers took great care to create a government whose purpose was to protect our rights, give citizens the ability to govern through representation, and as much as possible, prevent government tyranny. Warning was given by Benjamin Franklin, “A Republic, if you can keep it” as he and other Founders understood how easily a government could become corrupt.

Your report goes into depth about domestic terrorists, and complete misrepresentations of groups, labeling them anti-government. By your definition, the right of a citizen to stand up against government tyranny has now been removed with the term domestic terrorist. Any attempt by a citizen to confront the government casts suspicion upon them, and you are there to make sure the characterization fits. Do you really think citizens are unable to see what is being done?

Go back and study history Mr. & Ms. Leodler, dare to leave your insulated world and see what is happening in America, and then maybe, just maybe, you will understand why Americans are grouping together. By all appearances, both of you are the domestic terrorists with your subversive actions against the Constitution, and Americans. And don’t forget to add Agenda 21/2030 to your reading list.



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4 Comments on Open Letter to Kathy & Paul Leodler, Rampart Group

  1. It is important to understand we are not dealing with Communists in the strictest terms…we are dealing with Authoritarian Statists…and that is being nice…they are more to the point Social Plunderers to paraphrase Frederik Basiat.

    To illustrate, Communist Plank #9. says “Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.”

    That sounds fairly smart…agrarianism is smart…spreading people out is smart. Instead the maps of Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development constrict people into urban zones. Who amongst us cannot imagine government agents coming to our homesteads and saying we are outside the Sustainable Zone and have to move into government sanctions Urban Zones?…I discount nothing.

    Which brings up another poignant illustration, Andrew Yang’s argument for Universal Basic Income uses Thomas Paine’s “Agrarian Justice” as an example of people receiving “social payments” for lack of opportunity (e.g. the capability to purchase and own private land); however, there are still vast tracts of private land available for purchase; I bought 10 acres for $3,500 in 2014 which I live upon. Paine’s argument was that if all the private land was bought up and no one would want to sell for a couple generations…that would create a “renting class”…and THAT was the lack of opportunity for which “social payments” should be dispersed. There is still plenty of private land for sell…the criteria for Paine’s “Agrarian Justice” has not been triggered…there is still plenty of time to spread out…to be blunt with the Commies…to see if they have the guts to live up to Communist Plank #9. To paraphrase Pink Floyd, “How can you have any pudding (UBI) unless you eat your meat (all the private land being owned and no one selling for multiple generations)?”…but no, they want their pudding now!

    What would impel a Presidential Candidate to use Thomas Paine’s “Agrarian Justice” as a means to justify Universal Basic Income other than to justify “Social Plunder” and/or thinking no one had ever read the work and therefore could not critique the premise.

    All in all, this is not about being smart or justice…it is “Social Plunder” and Statism thinking they have the arbitrary right to force people to live according to their micromanaged plans…which all to often turn out to be completely wrong or degenerate.

    I don’t like being wrong or degenerate…or being a part of something that is wrong or degenerate.

  2. Thanks Karen..A thorough refutation of Rampart..But do you suppose they care ? Those people were commissioned to write a vilification piece, and they supplied it..What if, with their disparagement of Agenda 21 fears, and their flailing about with “Terrorism” labels..THEY KNEW THEY WERE LYING ? What if the Leodlers knew from the start that they were acting in bad faith and dishonesty, and felt no qualm about taking a large sum of money for doing it ? What if the Leodlers are actually PROUD of devising such base calumny ? Yes, for we honest Americans if may be difficult to comprehend such lack of moral compass, but we should drop the scales from our eyes..The Leodlers couldn’t care less about this open letter, and probably had a sick chuckle while viewing it…”Yup !..That’s right !…uh huh, Pelosi said that ! “

    • It is doubtful anyone has ever confronted these two individuals, in fact, many of those who purport this disinformation should be routinely confronted, challenged, and forced to respond to the truth. Let’s see what they do when faced with a one on one, fact based, opposition. They don’t have the intestinal fortitude to respond, they are too weak, shallow minded, and delusional in their beliefs.

      • Actually Karen, I have had one on one conversations with a number of these operatives, so called news people who arrive with a fill in the blanks, prewritten article. they are there to get their ticket punched as having been on scene, and to gather a bit of local color..At Bundy et al in Vegas I had several quite civil talks with One Ryan Lenze reporter for SPLC. and found that we were in general agreement on a few issues – we even had a laugh or two…The gulf between what Lenze had seen there, as opposed to the vicious slanders foisted in his report were apalling…In the comments under his article I wrote “Hey Ryan ! You know me ! You know us ! We had several civil conversation at the trial ! What’s with all this Anti Govt, right wing extremist stuff ?”..My comment was soon removed..I have to stress that these lib/Dem/Domestic Enemies are the ones drawing the lines, and not us, as they have with Matt Shea..Patience may be a virtue, but it also has it’s limits..

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