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Demonization and Labels by Pete Ketcham

This propaganda campaign today is an extremely dangerous threat to the very existence of our constitutional nation, and should not be underestimated

Demonization and Labels

Demonization and Labels

by Pete Ketcham


In our nation today, the liberal left has successfully created a cultural and political  climate based on a false foundation of victim-hood, demonization ,and labels. The  technique to establish this type of a political social climate was perfected by Nazi Germany, and was directed by Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s “Minister of Propaganda” from 1933 to 1945.  Goebbels created his propaganda program based on demonization, and labels. This program was designed to enhance the image of Hitler and demonize the image of the German Jew.

He used the latest technology at the time, which consisted in part of movies, newspapers, posters, public speeches, books,  and indoctrination throughout the public school system. By this method Goebbels was able to demonize and distort the image of the Jews, portraying them as dark, fat, big nosed rich merchants that forcibly exploited young fair blond haired German women, the mythical victims. The Jews were also repeatably labeled as parasites who lived on the productive work of the proud and brave German Aryan people.

In the apposite realm, Hitler and his followers were portrayed as saviors of the nation, stalwart Aryan defenders of all that was good. Although this was all false propaganda, Goebbels was able to successfully sell the complete program to the German people by repeated propaganda efforts.

What I have just describe that took place in Nazi Germany over seventy years ago, is now taking place in our nation today. The basic difference today is the leftist liberals who are conducting the propaganda war in our nation do not have the police and military means to enforce their agenda as Hitler did, but Like Goebbels, are using the latest technology to promoter their liberal godless socialist agenda, and demonize all who appose their agenda.


This activity is alive and well, and is practiced by the liberal left on a daily basis. Like the Nazis, the demonization of an individual or group does not rely on facts or truth, but is accomplished by repetitive false news stories, articles, indoctrination in the classrooms, and pronouncements by dishonest lying politicians.  Demonization is also  accomplished via the social media of email, Facebook, twitter, and others means.  One of the demonizing strategies the Nazis used was to accuse the Jews of doing the very thing they were doing, e.g. staring a war. We see the same tactic being used by the godless liberal left as they accuse the conservative right of engaging in the the corrupt activities they practice. The current Muller investigation is a good example of this tactic.

Another intimidating demonization method practiced by Fascist Nazi Germany was mob demonstrations by the “Brown Shirts” as they terrorized Jewish individuals and their businesses by painting slogans on their buildings, and breaking windows. Sound familiar? It should be, as we now have our own Fascist groups (masked Antifa mobs) doing the same thing in cities and campuses throughout the nation. This type of  intimidation demonization is also being conducted against individual conservatives at restaurants and public places by groups of liberal left minions.


Placing labels on individuals and groups is pretty much incorporated into the process of demonization, but it can be used both as a method to demonize and a method of defending moral corruption. For example, if a Christian criticizers the lifestyle of the LGBT, they are immediately labeled a homophobe, accused of hate speech, and put on the defense of their biblical moral beliefs.

The technique of repeated labeling others with derogatory terms eventually attaches to the victim as it spreads throughout the entire social spectrum. A common example of this, is when the liberal left opposes Trump on any issue, he is always first labeled a racist, and then it goes on from there. The Nazis were so effective in labeling the Jews this way that they were able to take the term “der Jude”, which simply means “the Jew”, a perfectly non condemning term, and turn it into a dark sinister evil term. See the link to this Nazi poster:

This labeling technique is now being applied to the word “conservative” in our high-schools and colleges.

The left has creatively come up with terms that thoroughly degrade the image of a person. Terms such as “hate speech”, “racist”, “homophobe,” imply that the target of this labeling is a complete degenerate individual. One of the latest labels is “denier”  ( applied to any one who does not believe in the climate change hoax), a term that carries the connotation that you have committed a crime, and are now denying it. As stated before, this labeling is the same technique the Nazis successful used to destroy the image of the Jew, to the extent that most of the German people were content to let  Hitler ship (by railroad cattle car) millions of Jew “parasites” off to death camps.

It is imperative that the tactics being used by the godless liberal left should be exposed for their Nazi origins. I do thank God that the conservatives are not in the same helpless situation that the German Jews found themselves in, even though the liberal left would not hesitate to subjugate us if they had the power to do so.

This propaganda campaign today, as carried out by the godless left is an extremely dangerous threat to the very existence of our constitutional nation, and should not be underestimated in the impact it is having throughout this nation. The conservatives must continue to vigorously fight this propaganda war of the liberal left with truth, facts, and the wisdom of God. But, if there is no effective program to take back control (we had it once) of our education system, in my estimation there is no victory in sight for the conservatives.


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2 Comments on Demonization and Labels by Pete Ketcham

  1. Let us also not be blind that the Label Lynching technique is NOT only used by the left, but by the right. In August of 2017 the RNC met in Kentucky and produced a Resolution requiring elected Republicans to give up their 1st amendment right of free speech and right of assembly. This resolution was used by the Washington State Republican Party to cause the Spokane County GOP Chair to resign after she introduced an American Nationalist to speak at out monthly. This is what the last paragraph in the resolution reads:

    RESOLVED, that we urge swift and certain justice be meted out to domestic terrorists and the groups aiding and abetting through the propagation of hateful ideology, whether in Charlottesville or elsewhere.

  2. Those of us who have been boots on the ground in this fight have, without looking for any fame or public notice, had a considerable experience with the “Labelers” and the modern day incarnations of Goebbels. The feeding frenzy at places like Malhure, at the Portland trials and those in Vegas was like moths to the flame, a flock of – supposedly – sophisticated and worldly media people playing dumb and asking disingenuous, leading questions. Their game was easily recognized – scoring a sound byte or two as filler for their liberal agenda, and many of us have learned the hard way that “Smiling faces tell lies”. It would be six o one to pick out the worst offender in the drive by correspondent league : Tay Wiles of Greenwire ? Jennifer Yachnin of High Country News ? Freelance reporter Leah Sotille ? But I’m sure the Editor of Redoubt News would nominate one more, probably the most notorious labeler of all, and one who was circling like a vulture at the Vegas Trials – Ryan Lenze of Southern Poverty Law Center. Having had several conversations with this scruffy character at the courthouse, and having shown him ( As I flatter myself!) that we are calm, determined people, articulate in our grasp of history and willing to discuss an issue on it’s merits, I was surprised ( Or should I have been ?)To see him trot out the shopworn ” Right wing extremist, Anti-Govt, gun totin’ xenophobe, narrative in his article for SPLC…I commented “Hey Ryan! you know us ! You know me ! You had plenty of civil conversations with us in Vegas ! What’s with the Anti-Govt jazz ?….My comment was removed..

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