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Impeachment is Hanging By A Thread

If a prosecutor gets an indictment against a defendant, but fails to bring the case to trial, charges can be dismissed.

Impeachment is Hanging By A Thread

Impeachment is Hanging By A Thread

by Shari Dovale

Democrats fulfilled their personal dreams in December when they voted to pass articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Amid their partisan celebrations, however, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi decided NOT to send the documents over to the US Senate for a trial, as is required by the Constitution.

Pelosi is known for micro-managing the House of Representatives. It has been said that she does not even allow the Chairmen to set the agendas for their committees, for example. Nothing gets done without Nancy’s say-so. This began way back when she first took control of the House as the Speaker in 2007, and continues with the current regime.

However, this has given her a false sense of power. She seems to believe that because she controls the House with an iron fist, she can control the Senate as well. Like a petulant child, she is not used to being told “No”.

Pelosi has said that she wants to know how the Senate plans to hold their trial before she allows the articles to be sent over. Nonetheless, Mitchell McConnell can be just as tight-fisted with his chamber as Pelosi can be with hers.

The problem that Pelosi is facing is that technically the President has not yet be impeached – because the Senate has not received the documents. That is a requirement. The vote is not enough. In order for the Senate to conduct a trial, they must have the articles the House voted on. They must hold the trial based on the charges brought by the House.

This is just like holding a criminal trial in any jurisdiction in the country. If a prosecutor gets an indictment against a defendant, but fails to bring the case to trial, the charges can be dismissed. Bringing charges is not enough, there must be a trial, with a guilty verdict, to hold a person accountable for said actions.

Every attorney understands this, and can explain it to you.

Just ask Senator Hawley.

Josh Hawley is the junior Senator from Missouri. He is also an attorney. He has grown frustrated with the Dems calling impeachment URGENT, yet delaying the procedures.

Hawley plans to introduce a measure on Monday to dismiss the charges. If that does not work, maybe it will at least spur the House into action and get this show on the road.

It is almost a certainty that the Senate will acquit Trump of any wrong doing, however, they cannot get this done until the House, and Pelosi, get off their duffs and get back to business.

It is not fair to the people of this country to drag this out. The elected in Congress were hired to do a job. It is time to get back to work!


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