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LGBT vs Christianity

It is just a matter of time before the LGBT openly label these churches as bigoted homophobic institutions that are breaking discrimination laws

LGBT vs Christianity

LGBT vs Christianity

by Pete Ketcham

It is somewhat amazing how far and fast the LGBT community has been able to exert their influence and agenda across the nation In the last ten years.

There is no state or national politician that will criticize them, nor openly work against their agenda. The entire mainstream news media, Hollywood, Democrat party, and academia are 100% in support of the LGBT agenda.

It is hard to believe that such a small minority that makes up the LGBT, could dominate the political and social culture of this nation, but they do. They can stop businesses like Chick-Fill-A from locating new restaurants, make corporations, public schools, and numerous public buildings permit men to use women’s restrooms.  

They can also make public schools permit men/boys to participate in women’s sports. Their biggest political accomplishment was to legalize same sex marriage, overturning the entire history of mankind, and the laws of God’s nature.  

As a consequence of making gay marriage legal, they have been successfully in getting state legislatures to pass unconstitutional discrimination laws that require christian owned bakeshops, print shops, photographers, wedding chapels, and others to participate in same sex weddings, or face excessive fines or prison.

One must wonder how this perverse degenerate minority was able to gain such tremendous political and cultural influence in this christian nation in such a short time.

It was accomplished in progressive steps beginning with “coming out of the closet”, then linking their cause as a “persecuted minority”, and finally ending up as an outspoken, arrogant, profane, group of people who have become a social/political terrorist group, who, rather than bombing a Christian bake shop out of business, they do it by political means.

This group does not tolerate anyone disagreeing with their perverse ideology, and it has been shown, that those who do oppose them, can suffer loss of jobs, loss of business, and social condemnation.

Consequently, the next LGBT target (which is already under attack) is the Christian faith, their churches, the bible, christian schools, and colleges. The LGBT community recognizes that the moral precepts of the bible as practiced by the Christian community is the biggest threat to their perverse agenda, and thus, the LGBT is dedicated to taking the Christian community down.

The LGBT strategy to move against the Christen/Evangelic churches will be a continuation of the methods and assets they have already successfully used to gain so much  ground. As previously mentioned, these assets are in part, the liberal mainstream media, Hollywood, the Democrat Party. and the indoctrination of the youth of this nation by LGBT friendly teachers, professors, and curriculum.

All of these assets combined are able to produce a propaganda mantra that is able to build favorable public support for the LGBT causes across the nation. As previously mentioned, the most effective and far reaching strategy of the LGBT is their ability to successfully lobby state and national legislators to pass unconstitutional bills and laws that promote the LGBT agenda.


The christian evangelic churches have thus far kept a low target profile by not publicly speaking out (from the pulpit) against the LGBT activities. So far this silence coming from the pulpit has been successful in avoiding the onslaught from the LGBT that the small christian owned businesses have been subjected to.

From my perspective It would almost seem that the Christian community churches are apparently not concerned nor worried about the possibility that they could become the next target of the LGBT, but unfortunately

It is just a matter of time before the LGBT openly label these churches as bigoted homophobic institutions that are breaking discrimination laws, and need to be prosecuted.

Lastly, it should be noted, that already in Canada, public quotes from the bible condemning homosexuality have been legally determined to be hate speech, and unfortunately this is a roadmap leading to the US to do the same.

An Act to amend the Criminal Code (hate propaganda)


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3 Comments on LGBT vs Christianity

  1. I was driving home from work and stopped in Sandy Oregon for a few groceries. I parked next to a big Ford with a business logo on it ‘Sweet cakes by melissa’. As I was walking in a young couple was walking out heading to the truck. In passing I told them that I would have baked a cake it would have tasted like shit and cost a fortune but I’d have baked it. She turned red smiled and they both went on their way. It’s not just the revolting sexual behavior but the in your face militant attitude. And GOD forbid you speak out against any of it they will ruin you. The kleins are a perfect example. So was another group in Oregon the OCA. I think they nit picked that leaders 503c tax exempt status right into jail but I’m not sure. Back when I was a kid I didn’t even know this stuff existed now it’s part of the indoctrination. You can’t get away from it anywhere. There was flooding in Pullman and Moscow the local TV station was interviewing someone on the phone but most importantly to him was to let everyone know he was waiting for his husband to come home nothing to do with the real topic. Pete I’ve been reluctant to give my opinion but yes this country has passed that point of no return and I do believe we are on the cusp of something very ugly and violent. I wish I could go back to the days of my youth sitting in a tree house listening to a 9 volt transistor radio but those days are long gone and what’s coming is flat out scary!

  2. Years ago the LGBT people were saying they should be accepted in the church because the bible says anyone that believes in Christ will be admitted in to heaven. Since then, the churches have disputed that because of other things the bible says against LGBT’s. Where the LGBT went wrong is in the fact that you must conform to ALL the bibles wishes of God, not just pick and choose which ones you want to conform to!

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