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Forming A Conservative Union

It is a historical fact that the thirteen original colonies united into a union called the Continental Army


Forming A Conservative Union

By Pete Ketcham

It has become evident through the years, that regardless of what action the conservative, christian, Republican community takes to preserve our original christian based constitutional culture, they lose ground. They primarily lose ground because they have failed to change strategy and come together in a nationwide conservative political union, but fight the battles to save the nation as individual entities.

It is a historical fact that the thirteen original colonies united into a union called the Continental Army, and were able to defeat the strongest nation in the world at that time. Had the colonies not united, there would not be a United States Of America.

Today, the conservative community is facing the same situation to preserve the nation, as the colonies faced to create it. If they do not unite into a nationwide conservative (christian based) political union, there will be no preserving the United States Of America as a constitutional nation. Relying on the Republican Party has proven to be insufficient. There must be a greater conservative political force to override the godless corrupt Democrat Party agenda than just the Republican Party.

For some reason many conservatives battling in the political/social arenas do not see any need to form a union or change strategy, and continue to ignore the reality of what has already been lost in this battle to preserve our nation. The following is a brief list of the major entities that have been lost so far :

  1. The entire education system, from K-12 to college graduate school. This is the greatest loss, for if it is not “recaptured”, it is assured that the emerging generations will increase the national destruction that is currently overwhelming the nation.
  2. The main stream news media has been lost as an objective news reporting agency, and has been turned into a highly effective propaganda arm of the Democrat party which has been misleading a large segment of the nation with false information.
  3. The christian based moral standards that had guided our nation for 240 years are being lost, and are now being replaced by the perverse standards of the LGBTQ community.
  4. The integrity of our national boarder is being lost as drugs and millions of illegal immigrants including “Child Trafficking” pour over our southern boarder with no effective boarder security to stop them. The full devastating nation-wide impact of this “invasion” is yet to be fully realized.


There are many other issues that could be commented on, but two major questions remain in all this:

  1. Why do the conservatives not realize, that if they are going to win, there has to be a major change of strategy. If you are consistently losing the battles, basic logic would indicate that you must change strategy and tactics if you intend to win.
  2. Do conservatives still believe that the failing Republican Party or Donald Trump can change the moral and political downward course of the nation. Donald Trump’s four year tenure as president did not slow down the moral decline of the nation, which continues on today regardless of who is president.

And lastly, if the christian, conservative, Republican community does not UNITE, and adopt a winning strategy soon, it is not a matter of IF we lose our nation, but a matter of WHEN we lose the nation.


2 Comments on Forming A Conservative Union

  1. It seems to me that the reason so-called “conservatives” fail is because, though they MAY be conservative, meaning supporting tradition, they are NOT first, foremost, and forever Christian. Until a truly Christian association is assembled, nothing will change for the better. Though it WILL get much worse.
    In Hoc Signo Vinces.

  2. This is obvious. A thousand organized people, with a leadership structure, a division of labor … are far more powerful than fifty thousand isolated individuals. There are at least 75 million patriots in the US. If we could organize only 1 in a 1000 of them, we would have 75,000 people — a powerful weapon.

    The problem is one of leadership. There is not, at the moment, a suitable national personality who could head up such a group. Some of the attempts to form something similar, in the past — the Three Per Centers, the Oathkeepers — show what can happen when the national leadership is not up to the job. (Not criticizing the individuals involved. But we have to face reality.)

    So, at the moment, we have to start at the local level. Let patriots in every county start serious organizations, based on people who know and trust each other. In my opinion, they should take form of ‘Neighborhood Protection Organizations’, or ‘Community Defense Teams’ — preparing to intervene in any sort of future man-made or natural disaster. Of course, they need a ‘Rooftop Korean’ element, but they should, when their size permits, have sub-units: intel, medical, transport, logistics, PR, legal, engineering.

    And they should seek to build broad coalitions to do things like fighting against ‘defunding the police’, or the sexualization of children.

    Of course the enemy will try to send in agents provocateurs. So they must be absolutely clear from the start: we are legal and peaceful.

    I would be very happy to discuss these ideas further if anyone is interested.
    An example of a group that seems to have similar ideas is the

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