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Where Will It All End?

September 16, 2023 3

Where Will It All End? By Pete Ketcham It is evident today that there is a growing national abandonment of the Godly biblical principles that the nation formerly honored. In light of this growing situation [Read More]


Politics Are Necessary

September 8, 2023 2

Politics Are Necessary But Are Not The Solution By Pete Ketcham It was evident at the conclusion of the recent Republican primary presidential debate, that not one comment concerning the moral destruction by the LGBTQ [Read More]


The Republican Party’s Future

September 5, 2023 4

The Republican Party’s Future By Pete Ketcham Republicans are divided on who would be the best candidate for the forthcoming 2024 presidential election. Although there were eight candidates at the recent debate, in reality there [Read More]

Pete Ketcham

The Homeless Population

August 30, 2023 2

The Homeless Population (Will Continue To Grow) By Pete Ketcham All the “creative” efforts and programs various Democrat controlled cities have enacted to decrease their homeless population have failed due to primarily one issue….DRUGS. Although [Read More]


Democrat Political Crime Syndicate

August 20, 2023 1

Democrat Political Crime Syndicate By Pete Ketcham In the past much has been written about the corruption of the Bidens and the Democrat party, but the reality is, the Democrats have moved past just being [Read More]


Is There Anything Positive?

August 13, 2023 0

Is There Anything Positive? By Pete Ketcham Could there possibly be anything positive coming out of the complete division between the godless Democrats and the God-fearing Republicans? That would seem to be a question that [Read More]


Complete Corruption

August 5, 2023 0

Complete Corruption By Pete Ketcham At this time the Biden crime family is the primary focus of the corruption spotlight in America , but the corruption goes much much farther than just them. Not only [Read More]

A Spiritual Battle or Political?

Is It Complex Or Simple?

August 1, 2023 0

Is It Complex Or Simple? A Spiritual War By Pete Ketcham We see the complex activities of the Bidens and the Democrat Party as they hide their criminal actions, and hypocritically prosecute their political opponents [Read More]


The Two Giants Of Destruction

July 23, 2023 0

The Two Giants Of Destruction By Pete Ketcham There are two entities in this nation, that by themself s alone are capable of destroying the basic constitutional foundations of this nation. These mammoth entities are [Read More]


Forming A Conservative Union

July 16, 2023 2

Forming A Conservative Union By Pete Ketcham It has become evident through the years, that regardless of what action the conservative, christian, Republican community takes to preserve our original christian based constitutional culture, they lose [Read More]

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