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Limits of the Constitution by Pete Ketcham

Today, we as a nation are no longer a “moral and religious people”

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Limits of the Constitution

By Pete Ketcham

There are parameters and limits of legislative design, which if abandoned, the original intent of the design will no longer function. In keeping with this concept, one of the designers of our constitution, John Adams, made the following statement:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”.

Today, we as a nation are no longer a “moral and religious people”, far from it. It is almost irrelevant how we have arrived at our present state, but what is relevant is that John Adam’s statement has now come true in every sense of the word. American citizens are now reaping the consequences of electing godless corrupt politicians ( Bill & Hillary, among others) to office, who have violated most of the parameters and limits of the constitution.

The reality through the years has been that regardless of who wins elections, or what laws are passed, the nation continues to slide farther and farther from it’s founding constitutional principles. Since the 1960’s the godless liberal left has continually exploited the constitution to the point where they were finally able to install an illegitimate president by a fraudulent election. Consequently, we have now lost one of the most important principles of a “moral and religious people”, and that is, honest elections.


In essence the constitution John Adams was speaking of, which was ratified 233 years ago, has actually held up stronger and longer than he may have envisioned, but It now looks like the end may be closer than we realize, (unless God decides to rescue this nation.)

In the meantime the Republicans will no doubt continue to fight a fruitless battle with the same losing political tactics they have used in the past. Reality indicates, that it is necessary to remove the lying, deceiving, criminal, Democrat Party from any positions of political power (by any means available) if this nation is to be brought back to it’s original constitutional foundations.


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