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Simple Steps to Honesty

if there’s a hate group, it’s those using vile attacks to chase off decent people!

Simple Steps to Honesty

Simple Steps to Honesty

Is it Candy Turner, or Candy Naccarato? Different names on her town council and FB pages seem disingenuous. 

Her behavior in relation to the WBCSD is disappointing. The board’s decision for fiscal & policy responsibility doesn’t threaten the schools, the students, nor the teachers & administrators UNLESS they’re involved in wrongdoing.

No one’s advocating school closure or restricted services. So then, does she defend the years of financial misuse & convenient policy changes in the district? Is she using the students as pawns, brain washing them against the good citizens who simply desire financial accountability and responsible behavior?

There isn’t time nor space here to list the inconsistencies of past budgets, audits, spending, and crony “politics.” An increase in the SUPPLEMENTAL levy from $604K to $4.7M in 14 years is unacceptable—a sure sign of mismanagement. Property owners certainly haven’t had cost of living increases to match!

And the questionable policy/personnel changes, the abhorrent way Jackie Branum was chased off, scared for her safety…if there’s a hate group, it’s those using vile attacks to chase off decent people!

Simple ways to show she cares about those she represents:

  • Respect differing ideas; explore their point of view
  • Don’t be involved in evil
  • Protect students from things not their responsibility; don’t use them as pawns
  • Hear the people when they select & support candidates, who in turn select conscientious, responsible employees

We expect civil discourse & a hopeful future rather than meltdowns at WBCSD meetings, regardless of whom is selected.

Jane Purdy