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Witchcraft in the Commissioners Office?

Being misleading is just another form of manipulation

Witchcraft in the Commissioners Office?

Witchcraft in the Commissioners Office?

by Shari Dovale

From Bible Study Tools:

What Exactly Is Witchcraft?

While this word may have different meanings in different cultures, at its core witchcraft is the attempt to manipulate the environment, circumstances, or situations through mystical or spiritual means. In Bible times this was done using what was often called mediums or spiritists. Within this definition, there are two words I want you to focus on regarding witchcraft.

Manipulation – This is all about influence, usually in an unfair manner.  

Spiritual means – When you call on assistance that steps outside of your realm of ability. In the case of spiritists and mediums, this is demonic assistance.

When you put it all together, witchcraft is trying to insert influence with demonic assistance into a situation. This is the danger of witchcraft.

In reference to the Bonner County Commissioner meeting on 6.20.23, Chairman Bradshaw made multiple statements that could be construed as disingenuous, deceitful, or unfair. This is all forms of manipulation.

Bradshaw also made the statement that “Manipulation is a form of Witchcraft” and he directed this to Commissioner Asia Williams. Mr. Bradshaw was suggesting that Commissioner Williams was trying to manipulate the public comments in her favor.

What he failed to tell everyone was the manipulation he regularly attempts on his own.

Case in point was last week when he tried to manipulate me into believing that Commissioner Williams was lying to me and everyone else. I made a recording of the conversation, which he was fully aware of before he spoke.

Bradshaw suggested to me that Williams did not give me all of the information available concerning specific employee severance pay, hence her manipulation. However, it has since come to light that Bradshaw was manipulating the facts for his own benefit, doing exactly what he was accusing Williams of doing.

Additionally, just during this meeting, and not counting all of the other meetings in which he and Luke Omodt both play this manipulation game, there are many examples of this behavior.

Bringing it back to the discussion on the severance pay for one particular employee. It was a talk on “severance pay” for a single employee as it was for work well done upon his separation from the county employment.

During the public comment period, Bradshaw stated that he never called it ‘severance’ pay, suggesting that Commissioner Williams was not being truthful. Just because someone wordsmiths the topic does not negate what it is. That is just another form of deceit.

Additionally, he stated multiple times that this was only a ‘discussion’ the commissioners were having. He said there was no vote, and Luke repeated his words, as well. This is also disingenuous as they had every intention of giving this man $60,000 upon his retirement, until the public started discussing the truth of the matter.

Bradshaw also said that, during the initial executive session, no one ever “defined” what they wanted to give the retiring employee. Yet, Mr. Omodt was the one, as was brought out later, to come up with an arbitrary amount of $60,000. Based on that, Bradshaw’s statement was untrue.

Additionally, Bradshaw first commented that the employee was only making $17.00 per hour which calculates out to $35,360 per year, at full time hours. Later, it was clarified that the employee actually made $29.15 per hour, which calculates out to be $60,632 per year, nearly the exact amount that the two CommissionMEN wanted to give him as a retirement gift.

But Bradshaw said he didn’t know that the employee was making that much, so which is it? Did he want to give the man a year’s worth of pay, or did he want to give him nearly 2 years worth of pay?

Being misleading is just another form of manipulation.

Does this make the Two CommissionMEN Witches? According to Commissioner Bradshaw, who is also a self-described Pastor, it does.

7 Comments on Witchcraft in the Commissioners Office?

  1. His comment was pointed out at the 6/27 BOCC Meeting. It is obvious that he is the manipulator when he throws out a veiled insult so he can back peddle and he can feel like he can deny it. Then he recesses the meeting and runs away like a little girl.

  2. I am actually surprised that anyone still goes to the man’s church or that they hold him in high esteem. Bradshaw’s body language and demeanor show you something of his character – there is no humility in him. For those that trust him, I guess that the spirit of Jim Jones is alive and well today in N. Idaho. Drink that cool aide.

    • Those that go to his church most likely never go to BOCC meetings nor do they bother to read any of the articles concerning those meetings.
      I once went to his church and considered him an acceptable minister of God’s word but then he got elected to public office and his character began to change, seemingly influenced by his mentor colleague on the board at the time. His mentor became his God rather than the one true God.
      And then the commifornians came into the church and farther removed the church from Biblical truth.
      I watched it happen from Nov. 18th, 2013 until April, 2022 and quit that church because the senior pastor jumped the track, went off the rails and wouldn’t even listen or demonstrate willingness to talk about it, much like he tries to run the county commission meetings.

  3. There is something very fishy about this whole thing. I noticed Luke did not have much to say on this subject, just watched Bradshaw dig himself a deep hole.

  4. “Arbitrary and capricious” are the words that came to mind when I first read about the “retirement gift”.

  5. When asked, Commissioner Bradshaw acknowledged that the employee to whom the “bonus” was (is?) to be directed worked on Bradshaw’s failed gubernatorial campaign. Curious, isn’t it?

    • Bradshaw also stated that the individual was NOT paid for his campaign work…even more curious!

      Yesterday’s meeting showed clearly that Bradshaw does not have the aptitude for the county commissioner position…very disturbing & embarrassing to watch his performance!

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