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Bonner County

Forensic Audit of WBCSD

February 3, 2024 2

Forensic Audit of WBCSD If you haven’t been to the WBCSD meetings lately, you’re missing the truth about the Forensic Audit. Phase 1 results show our financials are a mess! There are lots of undocumented [Read More]

School Board Candidate Survey Informs Voters on Critical Education Issues

Re-Elect Troy Reinbold To The School Board

October 14, 2023 2

Re-Elect Troy Reinbold To The School Board We stand behind Troy Reinbold because he is the only trustee who stood firmly against the C-vid mandates (masks and school closures) and has stood for the completion [Read More]

Bonner County

The Truth Will Set You Free

July 3, 2023 0

The Truth Will Set You Free When Susan Luckey suggested that the May levy failed because voter turnout was low, she was wrong.  The numbers tell a different story.  Voter turnout for this last levy ballot measure was significantly [Read More]

Simple Steps to Honesty
Bonner County

Simple Steps to Honesty

June 23, 2023 0

Simple Steps to Honesty Is it Candy Turner, or Candy Naccarato? Different names on her town council and FB pages seem disingenuous.  Her behavior in relation to the WBCSD is disappointing. The board’s decision for fiscal & policy responsibility doesn’t threaten [Read More]