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Let Him Cast The First Stone

Thank you to all that came out to vote.

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Let Him Cast The First Stone

We watch every Sunday as a man and his widow mother, humbly sit together in one of the front pews in our church. They are there without fail. When the man speaks, he talks of God’s will in his life. God directs my day, he says, since I found God. He fondly remembers his father being the school photographer and then a school substitute. When he sent his three children to the schools, he thought they did well. But, now what he hears about the schools is not so positive.

So when he was approached about being a school board trustee, he prayed about it. He asked, if his past DUI’s five years ago and before, would be a problem. He had now paid his dues and God had turned his life around.

He was told about the dismal math scores and SAT’s at the high school and how the incumbent trustee won’t talk to constituents. They were asking for his help.

The chairman of the school board had once said about her DUI, “I made a mistake and I learned from it, I think that is being a good role model to youth because everyone makes mistakes and it is how you handle it and move on and can learn from it that makes the difference.”

So, after praying, Troy Reinbold answered, “Yes, I will run. I believe I am now ready to contribute to the community.”

Maureen and Doug Paterson


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