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Smashing The Nation

One naturally wonders why this senseless destruction of our nation is occurring


Smashing The Nation

By Pete Ketcham

The following fictional scenario is depicting what is happening to our constitutional nation today .

There is a beautiful mansion that has been invaded by four individuals with massive sledge hammers. They go through the mansion smashing and destroying everything in it, including the house itself. They smash the walls, windows, doors, appliances, cupboards, counters, floors, everything in sight, nothing is left undamaged.

This describes what is happening to our beautiful constitutional nation today. There is nothing good in our nation that is not being attacked and destroyed by the godless left liberals. They are destroying the christian base of morality, the family structure, honesty in politics, the security of our nation (by the intentional invasion of our southern border), and are turning our military into a woke ineffective entity. There are many more areas of our culture that could be listed which are being destroyed.

As depicted in the preceding scenario, the four “sledge hammer” wielding entities are the Mainstream News Media, LGBT+, the National Education System, and the Democrat Party. There are others, but these four are the worst.

One naturally wonders why this senseless destruction of our nation is occurring at such an accelerated rate at this present time. It all started over sixty years ago (when the nation began abandoning God’s guidance and protection) and has gained momentum every year. It has now reached a point of massive destruction as the Democrat party (with the assistance of the other three) wields it’s political “sledge hammer”.


The nation is now reaping the consequences of abandoning God’s guidance and protection. It would appear that nothing less than a nationwide catastrophic event (such as a EMP attack etc.) will be able to turn this nation back to it’s original God-fearing moral base, and constitutional founding.


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