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Watching America Lose Her Cities

Through the years there have been many fantasy stories and historic accounts of lost cities.


Watching America Lose Her Cities

by Pete Ketcham

Through the years there have been many fantasy stories and historic accounts of lost cities, but today we are seeing American cities that are currently in the process of being lost by an avalanche of crime.

A recently published statistic concerning Chicago, stated that there are now 117,000 gang members and 13,000 police, with approximately 300 police planning to retire within the year. This is just one example (of many) illustrating what is happening in major Democrat controlled cities across America such as Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and others.

There are five prevalent factors (among others) that contribute to the growing crime rate in these cities. They are as follows:

  1. Defunding and demonizing the police, literally destroying the effectiveness and safety of the police. Placing them in physical danger and legal jeopardy by removing qualified immunity, which encourages the boldness of the criminals and hesitancy of the police to apprehend these criminals.
  2. Allowing homeless encampments in the parks, sidewalks, and public areas. These homeless individuals bring a overwhelming culture of illegal drug use, violence, and crime.
  3. Lack of prosecution of crime by local DA’s. Decriminalizing crime ( such as shoplifting less than $950 equates to a citation), legalizing hard drug use, no bonds required, letting repeat offenders back out on the street to continue their career of crime.
  4. Uncontrolled riots, destroying & looting businesses, burning buildings, and assaulting police. There is basically no punishment for this crime, and it is being fraudulently described as “peaceful protests”.
  5. Last but not least, the demonstrated lack of action by the citizens of these cities. They should have removed the incompetent and ignorant Democrat mayors and council members long ago, but they do the opposite, they reelect them. Because of this fecklessness by the citizens, it will be extremely difficult to help these cities save themselves.


At this time big city crime is growing at an exponential rate, and there is no viable solution on the horizon to contain or decrease it, either by city action, county action, state action, or federal action.

It would seem that the only choice the surrounding small towns and rural areas of this nation have concerning the meltdown of these large Democrat controlled cities, is to watch from a safe distance, and fortify against any attempts by these big city criminals to invade their towns and areas.


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