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Selkirk Mountain Real Estate

The Next Election And Grim Reality

November 13, 2022 0

The Next Election And Grim Reality  By Pete Ketcham Many conservatives had hoped that the midterm elections would sweep the liberal Democrats out of office, and become of the start of returning the nation to […]

Agenda 21/2030

Smashing The Nation

September 25, 2022 0

Smashing The Nation By Pete Ketcham The following fictional scenario is depicting what is happening to our constitutional nation today . There is a beautiful mansion that has been invaded by four individuals with massive […]


How Much Longer?

July 16, 2022 2

How Much Longer? By Pete Ketcham Many God-fearing conservatives wonder how much longer this constitutional nation can last at the present rate it is being dismantled. As we look back to where we came from, […]


Can We Return To Our National Origins?

January 3, 2022 2

Can We Return To Our National Origins? by Pete Ketcham The primary question that resides within the hearts and minds of most Christians and conservatives today is, how does this nation regain it’s moral base […]