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Existing At The Same Time Or Place

May 14, 2023 0

Existing At The Same Time Or Place By Pete Ketcham The following are some of the definitions of coexisting: “exist at the same time or same place, exist in harmony, live in peace with another [Read More]


Trump, Asset Or Deficit?

December 4, 2022 2

Trump, Asset Or Deficit? By Pete Ketcham There is no doubt Trump accomplished many positive things for the good of the nation during his four year term, and had he been elected for another term, [Read More]


The Insane Spiritual Battle Continues

November 28, 2022 4

The Insane Spiritual Battle Continues By Pete Ketcham It is difficult when perusing the daily news on TV or the web to not see one or more new insane examples of the godless liberal Democrat [Read More]


Lies, Deception And Corruption

November 6, 2022 1

Lies, Deception And Corruption By Pete Ketcham There has always been some dishonesty and deception in the governance of our nation through the years at both state and federal level, but today it has become [Read More]

Agenda 21/2030

Smashing The Nation

September 25, 2022 0

Smashing The Nation By Pete Ketcham The following fictional scenario is depicting what is happening to our constitutional nation today . There is a beautiful mansion that has been invaded by four individuals with massive [Read More]


God-Fearing Vs Godless

August 22, 2022 2

God-Fearing Vs Godless By Pete Ketcham Introduction Our present national crisis is composed of various issues that are in the process of destroying this nation, all of which have a common basis of origin. That [Read More]


University Indoctrination Goes On

July 6, 2022 7

University Indoctrination Goes On by Pete Ketcham As we look at all the negative issues that are impacting our nation such as illegal immigration, climate change, LGBT agenda, CRT, degenerate entertainment, energy shutdown, abortion, and [Read More]


Follow The Science! Governor Little Hasn’t Changed

June 20, 2022 4

Follow The Science! Governor Little Hasn’t Changed By Bob Shillingstad J.D. Rucker summarized the news this last week that “following the recommendations of a Big-Pharma-contolled panel of “doctors” who unanimously voted to approve jabbing young [Read More]


What Happens When the Governor is Out?

May 12, 2022 0

As part of a private high school civics class comprised of students in the 7th through 12th grade levels, students were asked to write opinion editorials on topics of their own choosing which reflect current [Read More]

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