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Moving To The Edge Of Insanity


Moving To The Edge Of Insanity

By Pete Ketcham

In the past I had described the actions of the ungodly liberal Democrats as illogical, fraudulent, and lacking common sense. But what is happening in our nation today has gone beyond that characterization. One of the descriptions for insanity is: “Unable to think in a clear or sensible way : crazy” , which now describes the Democrats.

The godless liberal community can no longer be reasoned with, and they are unable to recognize reality. There are many national destructive issues they believe in that have no basis in reality. The following, are just three of them.

Democrat LGBT Comminity

There are only two sexes, male/female, man/woman, mother/father, etc. This has been a physical reality since the beginning of time, yet the godless liberals now believe there are multiple sexes, men and women can change their sex, men can give birth, and other bizarre sexual beliefs. They are trying to destroy all the traditional descriptions/pronouns of the family in an attempt to destroy the traditional family structure. Never in the history of mankind has a group of people come up with such an insane concept.

Climate Change

Based on the “New Green Deal”, the active destruction of the nation’s existing source of electrical power, including the production of gas/diesel (before there is an existing replacement) is national suicide. This New Green Deal has no basis in reality, and those who have accepted this concept have set aside normal reasoning power, and cannot be convinced of their insanity till they personally suffer the resulting consequences of their actions.

Gun Control

On numerous occasions depraved people indiscriminately shoot multiple innocent law abiding people in mass shootings. In increasing numbers, criminals commit robberies using guns, and many times kill their victims. The completely illogical solution by the Democrat politicians to these rising crimes against law abiding citizens is to remove and deny the means for these law abiding citizens to defend themselves. They do this by promoting restrictive unconstitutional gun control laws. These laws have absolutely no effect on the criminal and the depraved mass shooter. These deranged criminals do not care in the least what the gun laws are, they will acquire their weapon either legally or illegally, and commit their crimes unhindered by any law.


In our national history we have always had political differences, but never in our history has one political party abandoned all logic, and promoted such insane policies as the Democrats now have. These policies literally defy fundamental facts of nature, economics, and our constitution.

At this time there is no reality that the godless Democrats will recognize or accept as they pursue their agenda. It will not be until their insane policies finally bring on complete national chaos ( which we are moving closer to on a daily basis ) that overwhelms everyone, including them, that they may finally ( to late ) recognize reality.

And lastly, even though the Democrat’s policies border on insanity, their base nature still remains one of total corruption and fraud.


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