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Rep. Shea 2020 Legislative Session – Week 5 & 6 Update

Contact your legislators and let them know what you think! Call, email, or best of all come to Olympia and meet with them!

week 7 Rep. Shea 2020 Legislative Session - Week 5 & 6 Update

Rep. Matt Shea 2020 Legislative Session
Week 5 & 6 Update



Rep. Shea discusses gun control, sex education, and the supplemental operating budget.

Gun Control

We’ve been able to stop quite a bit of gun control, but several bills have passed the House and are now in the Senate that expand red flag laws and the confiscation of firearms for, for example, misdemeanors. SB 6288 creates the “Office of Firearm Violence Prevention,” which uses taxpayer money through a grant process to reduce the physical amount of firearms in Washington State (Section 6, subsection 4a-b). It’s not about preventing gun violence, but about controlling guns, about reducing the total number of guns in Washington State, and ultimately using taxpayer money to undermine the Washington State Constitution (Article 1, Section 24) and the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.

Sex Education

Many concerned parents have emailed our office concerned about Comprehensive Sexual Education, the content of which would probably make you blush. Some of the material is really softcore pornography that they want to teach to Kindergartners. Comprehensive sexual education narrowly passed out of committee, 9 to 8, so the fight comes to the House floor, where it will be fought tooth and nail with many amendments already prepared. Parents around the state want their kids educated but not indoctrinated.

Operating Budget

It’s frustrating to see record surpluses in the billions, and yet none of that money going back to the taxpayers, instead being spent on bigger government. It’s a never-ending cycle. Our budget has passed out of the House and is heading to the Senate, but we need to re-evaluate what our priorities are. Our tax payers in Washington State are already overtaxed; they’re hardworking folks. Let’s get the money back to them.



Matt Shea
State Representative (4th L.D.)

Phone: 360-786-7984
Fax: 360-786-1066
Office: LEG 124


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