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Washington Legislative Session 2020 – Week 2 Update

The best thing you can do is to come to Olympia and express your opinions to the Legislators here.

Washington Legislative Session 2020 - Week 2 Update

Legislative Session 2020 – Week 2 Update


January 20th-24th, 2020 Rep. Shea discusses the Moss Piglet, Gun Control, and Road Maintenance in this weeks update from Washington State’s 2020 Legislative Session.

Moss Piglet: Also known as the Tardigrade or Slow Stepper, the Moss Piglet is being considered as the State’s official microorganism. It may be very cute, but we’ve got much more serious issues to be addressing.

Gun Control: HB 1010 was passed off the House floor today, requiring law enforcement to destroy any confiscated firearms. One of the main amendments that was proposed would re-purpose the firearms as training weapons for law enforcement, which would save a lot of money that’s usually spent on purchasing firearms.

Why don’t we offer them for sale to people in high crime neighborhoods who might have disabilities or be single mom’s who would benefit from the ability to more easily defend themselves? Not only is there a right to bear arms and a right to self defense, both which are protected by the Constitution, but that right should also be affordable, and right now it isn’t for those who need it most. It really doesn’t make any sense to destroy them, except as preparation for a final push to confiscate firearms from law abiding citizens, which Rep. Shea and many across Washington State are opposed to.

Road Maintenance: Our roads across the State are in need of repair and our current budgets are not taking that into account, diverting a LOT of the money to mass transit. Rep. McCaslin, also from the 4th district, is working to put road maintenance at the top of the transportation budget instead of near the bottom where it has been in the past. This is something that should be built into budgets consistently, especially as truck traffic and winter conditions cause wear and tear on the roads.

What Can I Do?

The best thing you can do is to come to Olympia and express your opinions to the Legislators here.


Matt Shea
State Representative (4th L.D.)

Phone: 360-786-7984
Fax: 360-786-1066
Office: LEG 124


My First Legislative Update of the 2020 Session


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