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North American Union
Agenda 21/2030

North American Union

January 26, 2023 1

North American Union by Karen Schumacher Flying under the radar, as most critical news does today, was a statement released by the White House on January 10, 2023, labeled the Declaration of North America (DNA) after [Read More]

Big Government

Taking Control Before The Crash

January 7, 2023 0

Taking Control Before The Crash By Pete Ketcham It is totally inevitable, that if someone is driving down the left side of curving mountain road, there is going to be a fatal crash when they [Read More]

America, The World Leader

America, The World Leader

December 31, 2022 0

America, The World Leader ( In Illogical And Degenerate Issues) By Pete Ketcham There was a time, just after WW2 when the United states was looked upon as the true world leader in military strength, economic [Read More]


The Consequences Of Reality

December 14, 2022 1

The Consequences Of Reality By Pete Ketcham As one looks at the increasing illogical, immoral, and “just plain crazy” policies overwhelming our nation, it becomes evident that all the current efforts (political & social) to [Read More]


The Insane Spiritual Battle Continues

November 28, 2022 4

The Insane Spiritual Battle Continues By Pete Ketcham It is difficult when perusing the daily news on TV or the web to not see one or more new insane examples of the godless liberal Democrat [Read More]


School Board Elections

November 25, 2022 0

School Board Elections By Pete Ketcham In the political process of the nation, the school board elections are as important as the city, county, state, and national elections. There is now a significant movement of [Read More]


Nation’s Life Blood

October 30, 2022 0

Nation’s Life Blood By Pete Ketcham It may seem from the title that this short article will be dealing with a dramatic social issue impacting our nation, but it is about a diesel fuel shortage [Read More]


Eight Issues From Hell (With more coming)

October 27, 2022 1

Eight Issues From Hell (With more coming) By Pete Ketcham There is a combination of eight issues supported, promoted, and financed by the Democrat party that have the potential to destroy this constitutional nation, and [Read More]


The God-Fearing Patriots

October 18, 2022 0

The God-Fearing Patriots By Pete Ketcham There are a lot of American God-Fearing patriots that are fighting hard to return this nation back to it’s original commitment to the constitution, honest government, and the respect [Read More]


The Successful Fraud Of Climate Change

October 10, 2022 0

The Successful Fraud Of Climate Change By Pete Ketcham The promoters of the climate change fraud have been so successful, that it has almost become a religion adopted by a majority of the naive world [Read More]

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