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The Ukraine/Taiwan Crisis Will Continue

Rep. Michael McCaul expects Russia will invade Ukraine, and China will invade Taiwan in a matter of weeks

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The Ukraine/Taiwan Crisis Will Continue

by Pete Ketcham

It seems certain that Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping are well informed of each others strategy concerning the potential invasion of Ukraine and Taiwan. It is also obvious they are working together to create twin crisis for the inept and confused Biden administration. (as demonstrated by the disastrous Afghanistan pull out).

Both of these evil despots know full well when and what they are going to do, while it appears the Biden administration does not realize these two despots are cooperating to create simultaneous distracting crisis.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping both realize that if they are ever going to be successful in their invasion of Ukraine and Taiwan, it will be during the term of the bumbling Biden administration, and the demonstrated ineptness of the current US military in the pullout of Afghanistan. They no doubt feel that an administration that actively facilitates the invasion of their own border, is incapable of defending the border of a foreign nation.

Another factor that plays heavily into this situation is the ‘Biden Crime Family”, who through the nefarious dealings of Hunter Biden with both of these countries including Ukraine, has created a potential for blackmail against the head of the crime family, Joe Biden.


No one knows for sure when China and Russia will make their moves, but Rep. Michael McCaul, who represents Texas’s 10th Congressional District, told reporters Friday that he expects Russia will invade Ukraine, and China will invade Taiwan in a matter of weeks. Being that he is the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, his predictions need to be taken seriously.

In any event it does not seem likely that either one of these evil despots are going to back down or take any action to defuse the present situation

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