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God is Still With Us

God has not abandoned His Christian believers who populate this great nation

God is Still With Us

God is Still With Us


By Pete Ketcham

Many of us have wondered over the years, if God was with the catalyst for the Christian Conservatives who have been fighting to save this Constitutional nation. The recent Democrat “Mueller hearing” which has been labeled as a disaster for the Democrats, was in my eyes a miraculous turnaround which destroyed the iconic untouchable image of Mueller, and gave the Republicans a national stage to finally state their case.

This event including others, has me inclined to believe that God is with the conservative cause, but this does not mean that the battle will be a “cake walk”, for as it was in the Revolutionary War, our present struggle will continue to be a series of defeats and victories, but ultimately a final victory.

The following are some of the comparisons I see between our present national struggle, and the Revolutionary War.

Divinely Placed

(A) In the Revolutionary War the right men were (I believe) divinely picked to be the legislators, Generals and officers who lead the Continental Army to victory. In particular, George Washington who possessed the right demeanor, courage, wisdom, and endurance.  He faced great combat danger and defeats, and by God’s help he survived the French Indian War and the Revolutionary War to become our first president.

(B) Likewise the right men and women who head up the Republican party in this battle for the soul of our nation have been divinely placed. This is not  to say that all Republican legislators are so chosen, as we have some real losers, but a select few have stood their ground and have given us the present leadership needed to carry on the fight. Among those “chosen ones” is Trump and members of his staff.

Defensive to Offensive Positioning

(A) George Washington and the Continental Army were subjected to many defeats and retreats before the victories started coming. Several times it looked like it was the end for the  Continental Army as they faced severe winter conditions, lack of food, lack of ammunition, and lack of support by congress and the people. Yet from an seemingly impossible position the Continental Army defeated the worlds greatest military force as they moved from a position of defense (with the help of the French navy) to one of offense.

(B) Likewise Trump, his staff, his family, and his supporters have been subjected to endless media condemnation, numerous harassing subpoenas, constant ridicule by the entertainment industry, and total obstruction by the Democrats. Like the Continental Army the Republicans are beginning to move from a position of defense to one of offense as AG William Barr, and IG Michael Horowitz bring their investigative reports to completion.

Hatred of Opposition

(A) Lastly, The British generals and soldiers hated the colonists and held them in complete contempt. They unmercifully bayoneted them in combat, robbed & burned down their homes, used abandoned church buildings as horse barns (desecrating houses of worship of the very religion they themselves believed in), and held colonist prisoners in prison ships under inhumane conditions. In many cases their primary motivation for military action was their hate and contempt for the colonists.

(B) But in a much greater degree than the British, the Democrats have lost all logic and reason in their fanatical hatred and contempt for Trump and his supporters. The Democrats will attempt (and have done so many times) to “burn down” the reputation of any christian or conservative that opposes them, and in the case of the Mueller investigation have “robbed” the assets of innocent prosecutorial victims. Simply put, they are as big an enemy to the continuation of our constitutional nation as the British were to the creation of our constitutional nation.


There is no doubt that we are in for a continuing vicious battle to save our constitutional nation, but I am optimistic that we will emerge victorious, for I believe God has not abandoned His Christian believers who populate this great nation “From Sea To Shining Sea”.


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