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Chain Of Circumstances

February 11, 2024 0

Chain Of Circumstances By Pete Ketcham For most people it would be logical to review the chain of circumstances of a disastrous result to fully understand what brought on the disaster, especially if there is [Read More]


What Do Our Enemies See?

January 18, 2024 1

What Do Our Enemies See? By Pete Ketcham Our primary enemies, Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran see it all, and they also see a window of opportunity that may close in November if the [Read More]


Why Is BRICS A Threat?

November 15, 2023 2

Why Is BRICS A Threat? by Karen Schumacher As the Israeli and Ukraine wars rage on, and protests by a minority receive inflated media attention, there is a more ominous story brewing that is not in [Read More]

Big Brother

Are We On The Brink Of WW3?

October 23, 2023 0

Are We On The Brink Of WW3? So many hostile world circumstances are happening recently, that it is very possible a world war could be ignited by one wrong move by a country or a [Read More]

Chinese Invasion?

Chinese Invasion?

May 14, 2023 0

Chinese Invasion? by John D. Guandolo An unprecedented number of single Chinese men are currently entering the United States. Customs and Border Protection puts the number of Chinese nationals attempting to enter the United States’ southern [Read More]


A Waiting Game? China & Russian Strategy

May 4, 2023 1

A Waiting Game? China & Russian Strategy By Pete Ketcham One must wonder if the major enemies of this nation such as Russia, China, N Korea, and Iran are playing a “waiting game” before they [Read More]

Letters to the Editor

Will The United States remain a Sovereign Nation?

April 26, 2023 1

Will The United States remain a Sovereign Nation? A recent interview with Michele Bachmann by Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries: reveals that our national sovereignty is in jeopardy. Representatives of the Biden administration will [Read More]


Can It Get Better?

March 23, 2023 0

Can It Get Better? By Pete Ketcham There is an old adage that says “things will get worse before they get better”, but Is that adage true concerning this nation? Is it possible that after [Read More]

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