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Searching For Weapons of Mass Democracy

Time may be running out for freedom in America

Searching For Weapons of Mass Democracy

War On Terror 2.0
Searching For Weapons of Mass Democracy

by Dean Cannon

As a New Enlightenment appears almost inevitable The Globalist Project has gone into overdrive declaring war on dissenting voices. Last month Tucker Carlson drew condemnation for his documentary Patriot Purge which says the Biden administration views political opponents as “jihadis” in a new domestic War on Terror. Carlson’s 3-part series was slammed as conspiratorial and Far Right. One pundit accused him of lighting a match to our democracy. In truth Tucker was only reciting a Globalist think-tank talking point released months earlier. 

The October 2021 edition of the Council on Foreign Relations Foreign Affairs magazine contained an article by Cynthia Miller-Idriss called The War On Terror Supercharged the Far Right. In it she claims, “Although jihadis still pose the biggest terrorism threat in Europe, the growth of far-right violence is increasing.” But what about America? “In recent years, right-wing radicals…have become a mirror image of the jihadis whom they despise.” She further claimed two-thirds of US domestic terror plots were attributable to white supremacists and other far-right extremists. “Western governments,” she insisted, “must act decisively to combat this threat.” Cue President Biden who also chimed in, ”Make no mistake. In 20 years, terrorism has metastasized. The threat has evolved beyond Afghanistan…the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today is from white supremacist terrorism.”

Sounds serious. So how big is the threat of White Supremacy? According to internal chat logs released this week by The Guardian, one White Supremacist group secretly complained, “we are absolutely desperate for new people.” Logs from a group called Patriot Front revealed “we’ve been in the 220’s to 230’s membership rut for nearly a full year,” The Guardian goes on to describe how the group uses social media to make itself seem larger. This group of 220 people were responsible for 80% of all white supremacist propaganda incidents in the US. Is the entire might of US Forces really focused on 0.0000638% of the population? These people could probably all fit in one narrow-body airliner. Alert citizens could do the job. So what’s this all about? 

The CFR article is one of several in an issue called Who Won The War On Terror? The issue contains truly interesting pieces about the War On Terror. They explain how Islamist terrorist networks in Western countries are disrupted by a combination of extreme surveillance and targeted assassinations abroad. Small Special Forces units operating overseas are able to cause asymmetric damage on large networks. Some writers warned of the state power accumulated in these tactics. Calls for restraint, however, were less than passionate. Strangely, the phrase ‘Far Right’ appears 65 times (‘Far Left’ not at all) in an issue about jihadist terror networks. We should know; who are this Far Right?

In November 2021 Merrick Garland’s DOJ attempted its own clarification. Any mother who raises her voice at a school board meeting could be a Far Right Domestic Terrorist. Don’t like Critical Race Theory, vaccine mandates, pan-genderism, open borders or de-funding the police? You may be Far Right. Intimidation is the art of indirect threat. It’s the ability to frighten someone with a smile. The CFR and the Biden administration have signaled who the enemy is. They have also made clear they have a time-tested method to deal with them. All Tucker Carlson did was explain this to his audience. 

Midterms – a NO RINO zone

It is imperative that all Americans wake up to the dangerous monster being created all around us. Complete with its own surveillance, ideology and propaganda organs this creature will not come for just one group. There is no excuse for candidates seeking public office—great or small—not to have a basic understanding of this fact and speak of it openly. The time for feigning ignorance or distracting voters with tax cuts is over.

Time may be running out for freedom in America. But if we get the mid-terms right, time may end up running out for the Globalist Project instead.


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