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Marxist, Socialist, Or Just Plain Crazy

The Democrat agenda is so convoluted it almost defies description

Marxist, Socialist, Or Just Plain Crazy

Marxist, Socialist, Or Just Plain Crazy

by Pete Ketcham

In the past I have referred to the Democrats and the Left as Socialists or Marxists, but in the true sense of the word they are not. Marxism and socialism as exhibited throughout the world had a measure of logic and a definable plan for ruling, even though it has been a failure every place it was enacted.

The erratic agenda of the Democrats has elements of Marxism and socialism mixed in,  but for the most part their agenda is based on unrealistic concepts that would bring complete chaos if it were even possible to implement them.

For example, the “Green New Deal” has been referred to as socialism, but it is not close, in reality it is a collection of concepts that have absolutely no basis in economic reality, and is a complete fantasy. Things such as eliminating autos (this includes the entire trucking industry), eliminating the airlines, and traveling by some sort of mandatory mass transit system is complete lunacy. There are many more elements of the “New Green Deal” that are just as loony, and most Democrats believe it all.

Another example is the  mythical belief in global warming/climate change, which is all based on an unproven theory and false models that have erroneously predicted the “end of the world” for decades. But despite it’s zero track record, this environmental agenda has us shutting down power plants, destroying dams, and believing wind and solar can replace it all.  There is nothing Marxist or socialist about this Democrat climate change agenda, it is just complete lunacy.

And lastly these Democrat mayors and city council members want to defund their police departments at the very time they should be increasing them due to the uncontrolled anarchy taking place in their cities. This is apposite to the agenda of Socialism and Marxism, which use increased police power to implement their “rule”

The Democrat agenda is so convoluted it almost defies description, and thus as a convenient label we tend to call it all Marxism or socialism, but in reality it is a incoherent collection of illogical policies that could never work, and if somehow were to be implemented on a nation wide bases, would bring complete nation wide chaos.


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  1. Good article by Mr. Ketcham. Giving them the credit of being called something that is definable and with rules…is giving them too much…when they are nothing but base altruistic nihilists. They are dangerous because they will not live off their own rules…and they consume our rules and standard of judgement and tell us what poor fare it is.

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