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Why is Omodt So Fearful of The Truth?

Omodt has altered the rules for public comment and commissioner comment so many times we’ve lost count

Why is Omodt So Fearful of The Truth?
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Why is Omodt So Fearful of The Truth?

by Dave Bowman

At the December 19th 2023 business BOCC Chair Luke Omodt made a false accusation that public commenters (presumably Spencer Hutchings and/or Dian Welle) lied in their remarks during the Q&A portion of Commissioner Williams’s District 2 report. He reacted by shutting down Williams’s Q&A and unlawfully removing the agendized item of public comment from that meeting.

The questions were centered around the fact that two former commissioners showed up at the commissioners’ offices during executive sessions on December 12th and 13th. One was observed going into the commissioners’ area during the middle of an executive session. The other came and left during an hour and a half recess that was called with no reason given by the chair.

None of this was a lie. I personally observed Dan McDonald come and go on December 12th, and Jeff Connolly on December 13th.

The following is a verbatim quote of Omodt during the December 19 meeting.

“What will not be tolerated by the board is straight up lying in regards to the actual events. Let me speak unequivocally. First off – there were two members that were here last week.

And the lies – let me – can I be more clear. Whether it is a lie of omission or commission, a lie is a misrepresentation of the truth.

When Jeff Connolly came up – because he was at the Panhandle Forest Collaborative – he never entered into this room.

So whether or not he may or may not have gone back and forth to – you know what I have no clue because you know what? Commissioner Bradshaw and myself were in this room in executive session. Matter of fact – I never even discovered that he was in our office – where he worked for a number of years.

So let me state unequivocally – Lies – are not going to be tolerated. And because of that – there will not be public comment today.”

And that was where Omodt violated Idaho Code 74-204 4(c).

Per IC 74-204 4(c), a public meeting agenda may not be amended without a motion to do so.  There was no motion, he simply decreed it.

I checked with the Panhandle Forestry Collaborative and there was no meeting the day Jeff Connolly was there. So the ONLY lie told was by Omodt – ironically in the act of falsely accusing a citizen of lying – in order to unlawfully shut down public comment because the truth was getting mighty uncomfortable.

Omodt had ZERO evidence to accuse anyone of lying – none. But he didn’t like the implications that the TRUE statements bore – and he certainly didn’t want to risk more truth coming out in public comment. So he unlawfully pulled it from the agenda – no motion, no vote. Tactics of a tyrant.

I later filed a formal complaint with the Prosecutor’s office for violation of IC 74-204 4(c), which must be handled by a special prosecutor. Prosecutor Marshall has announced that is in process.

When we eventually obtain the audio-video files from the cameras that Omodt is foaming at the mouth not to be released – then more of the truth will come out for all to see. The People look forward to that day.

Oftentimes violations of open meeting law are overlooked by the prosecutor and by the AG’s office when they are considered minor in nature. Generally the offending board will be advised to cure the violation, which can be done by essentially redoing the meeting or the action in a manner that is compliant with the law. That “cures” the action and all is forgiven.

When Prosecutor Marshall notified the board that I had filed a complaint and that it appeared the board (Omodt) had violated open meeting law, likely subject to civil penalty, here is how Omodt responded.

“Idaho Code 74-204; the administrative and magisterial functions of the BOCC remain exactly that. Bonner County Ordinance 1-200 is clear and concise in what the purpose of public comment is. There is no violation to be cured of the Open Meetings Act.

Have a nice day.”

Not only did he thumb his nose at the Law and the People, he also is apparently incapable of even wrapping his mind around what law he violated. It seems to be over his magisterial head.

The important distinction in this case is that it is impossible to cure this violation. The board cannot go back in time and redo public comment that was not allowed to occur in the first place. It simply can – not – be – done. The only remedy is civil penalty.

The question informed people want answered is why is Omodt so viscerally fearful of the Truth? Or is it his handlers that are fearful?

He has altered the rules for public comment and commissioner comment so many times we’ve lost count. Each time with the intent to stifle any line of thought or reason that counters his streaming narrative of lies.

He even has an evolving list of words that are not to be spoken.

Commissioner Williams and the People will not be silenced, so each time a new set of conditions and rules fails to work he tries a new one, right out of the Marxist Playbook. His problem is that we are not under a Marxist regime, as much as he seems to wish we were. The People are playing the long game and we’re not going away.


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  1. I have said it before and I say it once more, the toddlermen supposedly in charge of running the county act like toddlers arguing over who gets to use the rubber hammer to destroy the sandbox.
    From appearances, I would have to say that had SFC Omodt been a part of any unit to which I was attached, he would have retired as a buck private if I had any say. He is definitely not any kind od a leader of men.

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